UN Amb. says her communist propaganda speech sent a ‘powerful message’


Our new US ambassador to the UN, who is continuing the Obama hate America first platform, denigrated the United States on the world stage. She sent the message, intentional or not, that we are a systemically racist nation.

When questioned by one of the Democrat media personalities today on Face the Nation, Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said that her speech parroting Communist Chinese propaganda is a “powerful message.”

The host didn’t challenge her.

The woman is obviously a Marxist and would be better suited for China.

Is anyone sick of the victim mentality yet? She is certainly not a victim now. Suggesting we are all racists as per critical race theory is trading one form of racism for another.

If I sound unsympathetic, I’m not. I grew up in a partially black neighborhood and the families had fathers. They were religious and working hard. I am not sure what making victims out of them achieves.

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