UN Declares Religion Discriminates Against LGBTQIAs


Fremont LGBT Festival

Dr. Jay Richards and Grace Melton at Daily Signal report that the UN capped off PRIDE month, saying religion discriminates against LGBT people.

Victor Madrigal-Borloz, the United Nations’ independent “expert” on sexual orientation and gender identity, capped off “Pride Month” in June with his annual report to the Human Rights Council.

The report addressed the conflicts between religious freedom and the rights of LGBT people to be “free from violence and discrimination.”

Spoiler Alert: Religious freedom loses.

Madrigal-Borloz, a Costa Rican lawyer, has a long record of sacrificing religion on the altar of gender ideology, and this report is no exception. He claims, for instance, that laws influenced by “interpretations of religious dogma” often deny “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and

But nothing in human rights law requires that people or governments embrace the latest fetishes of gender activists.

Victor Borloz

The Left defines gender rights as abolishing all disagreement and forcing language and thought to align with their beliefs. Borloz claims LGBT fetishes transcend conscience rights.

Borloz uses the worst possible examples from Uganda — where LGBT people are genuinely discriminated against. He equates that to all religions and in all manner of freedom of thought and belief.

Because Ugandans abuse LGBTS, religion is the cause of all “discrimination,” and those belief systems are discriminatory.

Supporting natural marriage, biological sex, right of conscience, and traditional sexual morality fit into Borloz’s view of discrimination against LGBTQIA++++s.

He claims to support religion but subjugates it:

“As an unfixed paradigm, religion does not have essential inbuilt positions, and it would make no sense to position it as inherently or predominantly pro- or anti-LGBT. And yet religion and the human rights of LGBT persons are often placed in antagonistic positions in social and political discourse, feeding the contention that there is an inherent conflict between FoRB and the human rights of LGBT individuals, a fabricated narrative that undermines the ideal of peaceful human coexistence: as put in one submission, “[a]t times, freedom of religion or belief also has been misused as a sword rather than a shield,” Borloz writes.

Out of 67 countries, he puts religion in the crosshairs every time.

It’s not just a matter of religion. Many believe this has gone too far into extreme perversion, leading to pedophilia.

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