UN Human Rights Org Welcomes Its Newest Members Who Rape, Torture, Kill, Sponsor Terrorism


The 47-member Human Rights organization responsible for the “promotion and protection” of global human rights has admitted three of the world’s worst abusers of its citizens, especially women.

Watchdog groups call them “gross abusers” of human rights: Qatar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nikki Haley told them in June to stop electing “the world’s worst human rights offenders,” so they did the opposite.

India calls Pakistan the “world terrorism factory”.

Sitting on the Council now are the human rights abusers of Saudi Arabia, Burundi, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and UAE as members.

It’s a bad joke, should not be taken seriously and defunded.

UN Watch said they also elected Mexico, Nepal, Senegal and Ukraine, all of whom were deemed “questionable” by UN Watch, due to their problematic human rights records or UN voting records.

The U.N. violated their own rules to do it.

“The U.N. electing Qatar, Congo and Pakistan as world judges of human rights is like a asking the foxes to guard the chickens,” said the executive director of UN Watch Hiller Neuer. “It’s absurd, immoral and offensive.”

Members Are Murderers and Rapists

In a detailed study the watchdog group found only five of the 16 new members qualified: Australia, Chile, Peru, Slovakia and Spain.

The Human Rights Watch study pointed out the DR Congo for example as a place that kills and displaces political opponents. Government agents routinely use rape and extrajudicial killings against the civilian population, Amnesty International said in its latest report.

Congo received 151 ‘yes’ votes in the general assembly. 151!!! This is the world the leftists want to come into the U.S. freely through our open borders.

Amnesty International has documented widespread abuses of workers in Qatar who are building the country’s facilities for the 2022 World Cup in Doha. The group says many migrant workers are subjected to forced labor in conditions that amount to modern-day slavery.

The Pakistani government abuses political prisoners, journalists and especially women, who have little protection from rape or domestic violence in the courts and they are among the best of the unqualified. Here are some of their abuses:

  • Extrajudicial and targeted killings
  • Disappearances
  • Torture
  • Lack of rule of law
  • Discrimination against women
  • Violence against women
  • Violence against LGBT
  • Sectarian violence
  • Persecution of religious minorities
  • Poor prison conditions
  • Arbitrary detention
  • Lengthy pretrial detention
  • Governmental infringement on citizen privacy
  • Lack of independent judiciary
  • Harassment of journalists
  • Harassment of human rights defenders
  • Restrictions on freedom of assembly
  • Restrictions on freedom of movement
  • Discrimination against religious minorities
  • Political corruption
  • Child labor
  • Human trafficking, including forced labor
  • Lack of respect for workers’ rights
  • Widespread societal discrimination based on nationality, ethnicity, race, caste, sexual orientation, gender identity and HIV status.

Afghanistan has armed groups running around slaughtering people, they torture and rape citizens, and children are forced into marriages. Nigeria does all of the above and also tortures and rapes, and allows forced eviction, looting and destruction of property. Qatar is a sponsor of terrorism and their officials the opposite of every right we hold dear in our Bill of Rights, especially if the people involved are foreign workers. They are especially abusive to women.


And they get to judge Western countries including the U.S. and Israel, which they hate. Taxpayers dole out money for this.

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