NFL Ratings Down 13% As They Move to Become an Openly Leftist Mouthpiece


The NFL met with the players association and the decision they made is to do more of what they have been doing. They have dug in their heels and will move out into the open with hard left political advocacy.

People who doubted the intentions of the kneelers, doubt no more.

It is truly about the Colin Kaepernick agenda and it is to further the anti-American culture. They will be a Soros mouthpiece and not only Soros, there are many other crony Socialists involved.

They don’t care about the ratings and for the ideology, they are apparently willing to lose money and fans. Perhaps they feel the same way Jimmy Kimmel feels, “It’s not good riddance, it’s riddance.”

They have the right to do it and the audience has the right to leave.

Deadline Hollywood noted that Week 6 ratings for Monday Night Football were down 13 percent from the previous week, to just a 3.7 rating among adults 18-49. Last week’s ratings were inflated by a surge in viewers at halftime when the broadcast featured a trailer debut of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The article reported that “Credit Suisse believes CBS will disappoint investors when it reports quarterly earnings on Nov. 2 due to softer ratings for Sunday NFL games. Analyst Omar Sheikh has trimmed his estimate of earnings per share by 5% to $1.08.”

The Sporting News’ Michael McCarthy wrote, “Through Week 5, the NFL TV numbers were down 7.2 percent, according to Nielsen data. That drop came on top of a 7 percent downturn last season.”

Fewer people are watching and the league and its broadcast partners — CBS, NBC, Fox Sports and ESPN are making less money.

About the NFL meeting with the players association this week, Michael McCarthy says the NFL clearly wants to get back to playing football.

They have tried hiding what is going on. The TV networks had refused to show booing fans in the beginning and now they won’t show the protests at all. If we don’t see it, we won’t be angry?

The NFL has found the solution in their minds — to side 100% with the players disrespecting our flag and our country. This is their statement:

National Football League (NFL) owners, executives, players and union leaders announced Tuesday that they’re making plans to “utilize our platform” to effectuate “social change.”

The NFL and NFL Players Association released a joint statement after a meeting Monday that discussed, among other things, players’ National Anthem protests at games. The statement declares their joint plans to use the NFL’s platform to change society and “address inequalities in our communities.”

The is what Roger Goodell hinted they would do last week before the meeting took place. He was ready and willing.

As if that isn’t enough, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is using his position to promote Senate legislation. With Seattle Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin, Goodell issued a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and three other senators in support of the “Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2017.”

The NFL will also address the fake gender pay gap, housing discrimination and “so many things”, according to CNN contributor Donte Stallworth.

The NFL’s platform will be openly hard-left and political from here on in.

2nd Vote already reported that the NFLPA [union] has been in bed with George Soros, the leftist subversive billionaire for years. They have years ago joined forces with Planned Parenthood as well as other leftist organizations.

The 2ndVote organization has traced the NFLPA’s financial support to the Center for Community Change Action, which according to the Washington Free Beacon, “has been involved in direct action against President Donald Trump and Republicans before and after the November elections.”

Additionally 2ndVote found the NFLPA is donating to the center’s work. The Center for Community Change is hard left and flush with cash. They have a seemingly endless network of subversive organizations that often fly under the radar as they fight a culture war they seem to be winning.

They are also in league with the  progressive AFL-CIO affiliated labor union, and both organizations have defended national anthem protests. 2ndVote has also found dozens of major corporations complicit in this radical activism through their support of the NFLPA, including Pepsi, Verizon, USAA.

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