UnAmerican ACLU Fights for Racial Discrimination in College Admissions


In the name of equity, the wholly unAmerican American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) announced on Monday that it supports allowing colleges to racially discriminate when deciding the admission of certain applicants.

That is diametrically opposed to American values. The ACLU is going back to its old Soviet roots. Back in 2018, they announced their move to hard-left politics. They would no longer be independent.

The unAmerican ACLU reported that it had filed amicus curiae briefs in two cases before the United States Supreme Court, Students for Fair Admissions v. President and Fellows of Harvard College and Students for Fair Admissions v. the University of North Carolina, both of which challenge whether or not higher education can legally consider race in its application approval process, reports Daily Wire.

“We filed an amicus brief today urging the Supreme Court to protect universities’ ability to consider race in college admissions,” the ACLU wrote on Twitter.” Ending these considerations would ignore our country’s present-day racial inequality and threaten diversity on campuses everywhere.”

“Students for Fair Admissions is suing Harvard and the University of North Carolina to prevent race from being a factor in the admissions process. Not talking about race doesn’t erase discrimination — it ignores how structural racial inequality impacts students,” the ACLU continues.

“All students deserve equitable access to higher education,” they continued.

Of course, they support equity and disparate outcomes. They take up any cause opposed to America’s traditional values; whether it be racial discrimination, open borders, anti-police, abortion without restrictions, or silencing the opposition, they’re on board.

“The ACLU is actively promoting racism. They no longer care about equal rights for all individuals, only the rights of certain groups,” Journalist Colin Wright tweeted. “This is a very dark path to start down.”

Commenters pointed out the hypocrisy of the ACLU’s decision to advocate for Affirmative Action. This policy allows colleges and universities to use race as a factor in admissions decisions instead of using merit alone. This practice disproportionately discriminates against Asian Americans in favor of other races due to their race and ethnicity. It discriminates against whites as well.


Paul Cella on RedState writes: The origins of the American Civil Liberties Union are deeply entangled with Communism. Not the idealistic “liberals in a hurry” stuff of fellow-traveling fairy tale, but the bloody-minded sedition and revolutionary terror of hard historical reality.

[ACLU founder Roger] Baldwin’s radicalism caught the eye of the FBI, which quoted him in a 1924 report as having said: “The right to advocate a violent revolution, assassination, and proletarian Red guard, are all clearly within scope of free speech …”

The ACLU founder traveled to Stalin’s Russia in 1927 and wrote a book titled “Liberty Under The Soviets” the following year, which defended the Lenin’s and Stalin’s repression of dissent because they “are weapons in the transition to socialism.”

He later became disenchanted with it, but here we are again. This time, the ACLU is fighting for a perceived injustice, not real injustice. They fight for racial discrimination.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
4 days ago

The KKK-associated ACLU should then remove their “anti-discrimination” policies from their websites and must demand all entities and agencies which thew in with the sneaky race-cleaners to do the same. That goes for hospitals, schools, marketplaces, businesses, etc. ACLU and Joe Biden have been using KKK’s long-known filthy and evil tactics by changing KKK creeds covertly and issuing illusions. KKK isn’t dead, folks, and are hiding in politics, corporate churches, pharmaceuticals, and big business.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
5 days ago

Surprised that the ACLU was never formally associated with the CPUSA. I guess then they wouldn’t be a clandestine force for destruction. At least they are really in the open now.

5 days ago

The ACLU has always supported Liberal, Communist Ideals. Considering who the ACLU has supported over the years, like Black Lives Matter, it’s clearly a Terrorist Organization. But then, there are a lot of Colleges who promote Liberal, Communist Ideals and Terrorism. Many Colleges are probably also guilty of espionage by giving Chinese Students access to critical Government and Business Technology and calling it “education”. The US Government should be screening foreign students much more closely and paying attention to money flowing into Colleges from foreign sources.

5 days ago

Who really needs college? Screw them!