RINOs Launch Surreptitious War for Cheney – Enlist Dems & Lie


A handful of Republican operatives are quietly mounting a push to rescue Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) from a Trump-backed primary challenger, Axios has learned. They hope to defy the odds with lies and by convincing Democrats to vote for Liz Cheney.

The Republicans want to “surreptitiously undercut” the President’s campaign. Axios calls a a “revenge campaign.”

It’s meant to get rid of the RINOs. We can’t speak of revenge as a motive; only Trump can. Trump has been consistent – wipe out the RINOs.

Cheney is facing tough odds in her primary fight this month against Trump-backed challenger Harriet Hageman. She betrayed the party’s president and the party itself. She has provably lied repeatedly.

War Hawk RINOs need to defeat the odds. They need Cheney.

Jeff Larson, the chairman of Republican research firm America Rising and a longtime Cheney backer, and Julia Griswold Dailer, a former Trump White House and inauguration committee aide, are involved in the push to save the betrayer.

They are expending energy to persuade Democrats to cross the aisle and back the Wyoming Republican in this month’s open primary, betraying their own party. They are also portraying her challenger as insufficiently loyal to the former president. Hopefully, people don’t fall for that lie – she’s endorsed by the former president.

Two seemingly unrelated political groups recently popped up to try to beat back Hageman’s challenge.
  1. Wyomingites Defending Freedom and Democracy is running digital and television ads and encouraging Democrats in the state to cross party lines and vote for Cheney in the Aug. 16 primary.
  2. Conservatives for a Strong America is portraying Hageman as a fake conservative secretly in league with Cheney and critical of Trump.

The latter group is also trying to boost two of Cheney’s other primary challengers in an apparent effort to split the anti-Cheney vote.

They’re RINO sites.

Tex McBride, a Wyoming rancher who leads WDFD, told Axios that Larson recruited him for that role. He has a “voice in the state.”

“My involvement is really just to put people in touch with each other, and they go do their own deal and help raise some money, but that’s the extent of it,” Larson told Axios.

That’s a cop-out as he cops out and tries to influence the electorate towards the underhanded RINO Cheney.


Federal Communications Commission filings list Griswold Dailer as WDFD’s campaign manager. Her phone number is listed in advertising disclosures for both WDFD’s and CFSA’s Facebook ads.

A source involved in the campaign told Axios that Griswold Dailer is “running the show” for the umbrella effort.

Digital and TV ads run by the two groups hit the same issue: Hageman’s supposed legal work to divert Colorado River water from Wyoming.

Cheney’s campaign has run similar ads on the allegations, which Hageman disputes.

WDFD and CFSA also share a treasurer and use the same digital and marketing vendors, according to Federal Election Commission records and a source code on their websites. They are pushing the odds towards Cheney, a wretched swamp creature.

WDFD has reported spending $188,428 in support of Cheney since last month, making it the fourth-largest independent spender in the Wyoming primary race — and the top one backing Cheney.

CFSA has spent another $47,108 attacking Hageman, according to FEC records. The odds are against her, but she plays dirty.

Trump’s leadership PAC to rid the party of Demicans or Republicrat RINOs spent more than $800,000 supporting Hageman. Wyoming Values has spent $500,000.

Cheney has well over $7 million thanks to…RINOs like the Bush’s and other has-beens.

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1 year ago

The RINOs know that if they can’t save Liz from President Trump, they will be picked off one by one and be extinct by 2027. Republicans are not the party of the rich anymore. Republicans are America First Patriots.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

These corrupt RINOs have so much money, plenty to waste some supporting Cheney. This is just a show of support for a team member. If the Arizona crooks cannot steal the primary from Lake, who was only 12% ahead, Wyoming cannot steal the primary for Cheney (30% behind).

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

If the Republicans don’t purge the RINOs, they will die like the Whigs. Lincoln was the first Republican to become president.

1 year ago

Great point. I totally agree.