Unbelievably Stupid Comedian Kathy Griffin Didn’t Know About Real Beheadings


Kathy Griffin was out bashing Trump and the conservatives again as a way of excusing her behavior for doing a photo shoot holding Donald Trump’s severed head in an appearance on HardTalk.

She has blamed a whole host of people, including the victim – the President – and she has blamed white men for what she did as a way of getting herself back into the public’s good graces. We are now to believe she didn’t realize she was mimicking Islamic beheadings until the “pre-eminent expert” Rosie O’Donnell explained it to her.

She said the “Trump psycho” went after her to distract from the Russia investigation.

In truth, Trump did not come after her or troll her. He and a few of his family members sent out a tweet and that was the end of it.

The hapless comedian suddenly has a new excuse afforded her by Rosie O’Donnell who has battled with Donald Trump at times. Rosie apparently had to tell her about the Islamic beheadings. Here is what Griffin said.

So, yes I knew what I was doing and the reason I apologized is my good friend Rosie O’Donnell, the preeminent expert, by the way, of being trolled by this fool, the accidental president as I call it, um you know he’s been trolling her for 10 years. And so she said the words, ‘What if Daniel Pearl’s mother saw this?’… And when she said this I said, oh my gosh, and I’ve never apologized for a joke but I get it.”

If she wants us to believe she is this stupid, it just might work.

Remember when she blamed old, white men for her photo shoot?

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