“Unbiased” Buzzfeed Hopes President Trump Is Assassinated


Buzzfeed News is famous for the faked Russian dossier put together by Hillary operatives and later added to by NeverTrumpers. Their Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith says they are very respectful of conservatives on their staff and are not biased.

Reporters are not primarily motivated by political activism, he claims, and are being unfairly labeled.

He’s lying, but listen to the clip. Then look at the screenshots published by Big League Politics.

A former BuzzFeed employee Tim “Treadstone” Gionet, better known as Baked Alaska, provided the running conversation by the website’s Director of Social Media Maycie Thornton who wishes for Trump’s assassination as co-workers laughed and cheered her on.

“This was not the first time BuzzFeed employees talked openly about wishing President Trump would get assassinated, they hated conservatives so much they even held an office party when Justice Scalia died. It was a toxic environment and you were declared a heretic if you were a Trump supporter, bottom line,” Treadstone told Big League.

Treadstone says he came out for Trump and was persecuted out of his job at Buzzfeed.

Not known as left-wing by any means, Mediaite said Buzzfeed needs to review its editorial standards. They even refused to take Republican advertising during the election because of their hatred towards conservatives.

Even Mika Brzezinski slammed them for their biased Russian dossier reporting.


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