Undercover Video: This Administration Is a Mess


In an undercover video, Jonathan Dixon, the Senior Advisor for the Department of Treasury, said, “This administration is a mess.” He described the Deputy Secretary as a failed DEI hire.

Dixon told Project Veritas’s investigative journalist that the Biden Administration has pursued failing DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) hiring initiatives to the detriment of his department and the country.

The Department of Treasury is led by Janet Yellen, as the first female secretary, old secretary, serving with the first black deputy, Adewale (Wally) Adeyemo, who has a record of failures.

“He [Adeyemo] really feels like they were just rummaging in a bag, and they were like, ‘cool, you kind of fit what we need.’”

Septuagenarian Janet Yellen has passed half her duties to Adeyemo – despite his bad ideas, bad instincts, and previously failed economic initiatives, says Dixon.

“She’s an old woman. She split basically her duties in two. So, she takes all of the econ side and everything with money. And she left everything international to her deputy. [The] deputy is really young, he’s 40. So, he’s like, young guy, not the best…he has really bad instincts.”

Adeyemo joined the Treasury Department in 2009 and rose through the ranks to become a chief negotiator for Obama’s Trans Pacific-Partnership, a proposed trade agreement which Democrats ultimately rejected.

“His big claim to fame was a failed initiative under the Obama administration… are we seriously trying to choose the guy who did that?”

Despite Adeymo’s prominent positions in government, as a senior advisor at Black Rock, and most recently as president of the Obama Foundation, Dixon describes a Treasury Department of staffers who don’t take their boss seriously.

“‘Wally has ideas,’ and it’s like, ha ha. ‘They’re never good are they? We don’t say that, but yes.’”

Adeyemo currently oversees this administration’s Inflation Reduction plan. Time will tell if his efforts can make a meaningful difference for penny-pinching Americans.

Until then, Dixon says all that glitters is not gold in Treasury – and he’s on his way out.

“It’s all a clown show… I’ve got my ten years in, and I’m starting to look [for other jobs].

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