The Debate Leaves One Speechless – Updated


Did anyone watch this fiasco of a debate? Biden lied about Roe, which does allow abortion to the moment of birth; he falsely claimed Trump called soldiers “suckers and losers” and said inflation was 9% when he came into office when it was only 1.38%; Biden told the Charlottesville “fine people” lie, and said Republicans want to destroy Social Security.

President Biden didn’t cut the deficit, but he said he did.

Those lies were debunked long before this debate, but he insists on repeating them. He even lied about the Border Patrol.

But most of all, Biden was glassy-eyed, incoherent at times, and froze more than once. Biden is completely out of it.

Donald Trump was calm, cool, and collected.

Some in the legacy media tried to fact-check Donald Trump inaccurately in a vain effort to save Biden, but the only thing that matters is Joe Biden was a mess.

Biden was historically bad, and he cannot lead the country. He has been unable to lead for the past four years, much less for four more.

I’m beginning to think Democrats set him up to get him to resign.

What do you think?

He froze several times. Here’s one example:


Charlottesville lies:



We keep hearing about “cheap fakes” and “deep fakes,” but the world can now see that this is real. Joe Biden had a long rest and a lot of coaching but couldn’t pull it off. Americans can now see how much the media has carried Joe Biden’s water.

Where was Jamaal to pull the fire alarm when Democrats most needed him?

After a terrible debate performance, Joe Biden went to a post-debate rally in Atlanta, Georgia, and, with more energy shown than at any moment on the debate stage, thanked the people of North Carolina.

Democrats will likely ask him to step down.

However, Joe Biden legally controls his delegates. They are bound to him, and only he can release them. He believes he deserves the presidency. Biden might not step aside, and they can’t make him.

He will try to change the subject, but Democrats know he must go.

As Erick Erickson said, Biden is the father of two drug addicts who abandoned his young sons after their mother was killed so he could be a Senator in Washington, which he earned by supporting Dixiecrats. His favorite son died. His surviving son turned the dead son’s widow into a crack addict. Joe’s wife plays doctor teacher. They are letting him make a fool of himself.

Barack Obama himself privately described the Biden family dynamic as “weird shit.

If Biden does step aside, the Democrats are going to have to oust Kamala Harris, the first black female Vice President of the United States, at a time when they need black women. Harris is more unpopular than Biden.

So, the Democrats would have to put someone new in during an open convention in Chicago surrounded by a Socialist mayor who is sympathetic with the Hamas protestors causing chaos outside, Erickson noted.

Democrats did this. They shouldn’t have continually lied and propped him up, excluding all other options, not that they have a good bench.

Democrats might replace him, but the problem is Democrat policies. Those won’t change, even if they replace him.

Full Debate:

Information and the full debate were added after publication.

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