Woke Interior Dept: Don’t Use “Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter,” etc.


The Department of the Interior published a guide to “inclusive language,” and they don’t want you to use gendered terms like “husband,” “wife,” “son,” and “daughter” any longer. They encourage the ridiculous “they/them” pronouns rather than assume someone’s gender.

Leftists are social engineers trying to force change to leftism through controlling language. These people are master manipulators.

Daily Wire reports that the 24-page U.S. Department of the Interior Inclusive Language Guide was published this month “for official use only.” It explains the terms bureaucrats should use or avoid when discussing gender and sexuality.

The guide includes a list of 104 different terms that the Interior recommends bureaucrats replace with alternate, approved words. “Husband” and “wife,” for example, should be replaced with “spouse, partner, significant other,” the federal agency says. “Daughter” and “son” should also be replaced with “child” or “kid,” according to the guide.

They have a lot of gall. This pronoun war in recently manufactured. It’s astroturf.

This is an insane attack on free speech. While they use the word “should,” employees have little choice. It’s forced language.

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Agency Pub… by Daily Wire Investigations Team

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