Unfunny Kathy Griffin to Be Honored As ‘Comedian of the Year’


Vulgar, unfunny comic Kathy Griffin will receive a ‘Comedian of the Year’ award in Palm Springs on November 10. “It was a no-brainer to honor Kathy Griffin,” said fest director Paul Cruz.

She’s such a victim!

Griffin will be celebrated with the prize at the first annual Palm Springs International Comedy Festival.


The event, a black-tie awards gala, honors comedic talents in stand-up, film and television and will be held at Hotel Zoso and Spa in the heart of downtown Palm Springs’ famous Star Walk of Fame, where Griffin has an anti-Trump star.

“We didn’t think long about who should be named Comedian of the Year for the festival’s inaugural year. It was a no-brainer to honor Kathy Griffin. After all that she’s been through, Kathy has pulled off the biggest comeback in entertainment history since Marlon Brando was blacklisted and then went on to win an Oscar in 1972,” fest director Paul Cruz said Thursday in a statement.

“Kathy speaks for all Americans in defense of our First Amendment rights. Kathy is the one comedian that is literally on the minds and mouths of the world. She boldly and bravely spoke Truth to Power, was blacklisted, harassed and shunned for it, but has now emerged like a fiery phoenix from the ashes. What other comedians can say that?”

Conservatives get banned for hate speech for any reason at all, but Griffin is lauded for her hate speech. She’s a veritable ‘fiery phoenix.’


Her comeback as Cruz calls it is based solely on insulting the President and his supporters.

She has successfully reconstituted herself as the victim as she pours vitriole on others.

This woman has sided with Antifa against the police, telling Portland officers to “f*** off”, attacked Sarah Sanders after she was kicked out of a Virginia restaurant for the crime of working for the President, has called the lovely Melania a “feckless piece of s***, blasted Ivanka for being compassionate, and painted herself as a victim of the administration after she did a photo-shoot holding the President’s decapitated head [which frightened his young son].


No one asked her to do the photo shoot and the President didn’t cause her to lose her gigs. Her own ignorance and nasty personality were the problem. She’s put it to work.

First, she blamed Trump for the aftermath of the photo-shoot.

Then she blamed old white men.



  1. Leslie Kerins is correct. Liberals are so full of self-loathing, they have to tear everyone else down. Kathy Griffin is a seriously ill woman, a mental defective. She should be hospitalized and immobilized.

  2. First Annual Palm Springs Comedy Festival at the Fabulous Hotel Zoso?!? Haha… That’s one way to get the event publicized. She’s probably the only comedian that would promise to show up for the prize (a book of 10 free oil changes).

  3. Conservatives can eat sh*t. You support Nazi’s right to free speech, but not Kathy? You should all be arrested for treason along with 45!

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