Unhinged Kathy Griffin Is Back! Says Hannity’s Going to Jail, Tells a Couple Lies


Kathy Griffin acted a bit unhinged during a late night show appearance Tuesday. Her manner was frenzied and unhinged more than comic. During the interview/comedy routine/whatever it was supposed to be, she stood up for Michelle Wolf and viciously attacked Wilbur Ross, Sarah Sanders, Sean Hannity. The audience loved it.

She is back apparently and will even appear at Carnegie Hall.

Remember when appearing in Carnegie Hall meant something?

The left-winger said Sean Hannity is going to jail during her unfunny routine, and ranted a bit about this tweet:

In the story linked to the tweet, Hannity or whoever writes for his site, said Griffin posted a picture of herself speaking with Jason Miller at the “star-studded” event [the WH Correspondents Dinner], saying people “have no idea” how much she enjoyed “confronting one of Trump’s favorite liars.”


She lied herself last night and said Hannity tweeted about the severed Trump head incident but he didn’t. He mentioned her false accusations against Trump trying to ruin her career — another lie of hers that she loves to tell.

Watch a few clips:

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