Union backs candidate who threatened to blow up school children on a bus


Hard left Ubax Gardheere has been endorsed by the radical activist transit union in her run for a Seattle county council seat. She once threatened to blow up a bus of school children.

The Transit Riders Union (TRU) is well known in Seattle for being activist foot soldiers for radical causes and Marxist candidates like Cuba-style Socialist Councilmember Kshama Sawant.

Ubax Gardheere boarded the Highline School District bus on the morning of Jan. 12, 2010, as it was about to take the children to Chinook Middle School.

In the video, Gardheere walks on to the school bus filled with children. She tells the bus driver not to drive because “it’s a matter of national security.” She tells him the “bus is not leaving.” The driver then calls the police.

When the driver asks her if something happened to one of the kids, she says “if something happens it’s going to happen to you.”

There was no way to tell if she had a bomb under her clothes and she claimed she was wearing one.  As the children flee the bus, she calls them “cowards” over and over.

The driver and the arresting officer showed great courage.

Gardheere told the arresting officer she was “prepared to die.” She eventually pled the felony charges down to a gross misdemeanor before trial.

Gardheere told the Seattle Weekly that she was hospitalized for mental illness and that her mental condition worsened after she stopped in Dubai to see in-laws on her way to visit Somalia in 2008.

In court papers, she said she was trying to figure out a way to go to jail instead of a mental institution.

Six years later, she was a radical Marxist community organizer.

Talk show host and Post Millennial editor Ari Hoffmann announced it after Andy Ngo’s tweet about the candidate went viral.

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