United States Divisions Become Far More Dangerous


The United States is in serious trouble as we become more and more tribal, more and more divided. Every pillar of society is divided and our bureaucracy is not neutral. The progressives have weaponized the bureaucracy against the right or anyone who disagrees with their leftist ideology.

We are Rome before the fall and the Visigoths are at the gates.

The latest weaponization is at the Internal Revenue Service. Progressives want a socialist wealth tax and they are preparing it now. Someone at the IRS leaked the tax data of the wealthiest 400 Americans. Actually, they have thousands of tax returns for thousands of Americans – going back to 2013. They have been published. The Left doesn’t care that this has been done illegally. Democrats don’t care.

Circumventing laws, and ignoring the law is destroying trust in the systems of government.

The Weaponization

The Whitmer kidnapping trial proved that the FBI’s most salacious allegations were false. They couldn’t get convictions because the FBI set the so-called kidnappers up.

The CIA rejected the Alfa Bank conspiracy as too absurd to be believed. The Durham filings showed that it was not practically possible for Donald Trump to be an agent of Russia. The unbelievable story was accepted by people because of their personal contempt for Mr. Trump. The problem was in their inability to put their hatred aside.

The FBI used the false allegations to investigate Donald Trump.

Immigration law is violated every hour of every day and no one will stop it. It shouldn’t be partisan. Our immigration law should be — must be — followed.

Taxation without representation and laws bypassing Congress and the Supreme Court are being issued with executive decrees and agency rules.

The Growing Divisions

When Lois Lerner weaponized the IRS against the right, most of Congress demanded she leave her position. That was in 2010 when most people in Congress knew that once you use agencies to attack political opponents, they will not stand.

It’s different now. People are not standing up for the victims as they did in 2010 because everything is seen through a partisan lens and a desire to win at all costs.

Pro Publica leaked the tax returns and some of these wealthy Americans who use legal devices to bring down their tax liability. Congress has approved these allowances. This information can be misused and will be as Joe Biden prepares to reveal his plan to tax the wealthiest Americans, despite the fact that they pay the overwhelming amount of taxes. Half the country pays nothing in federal taxes.

All of us should care, whether rich or not because this is not justice. We must always apply our rule of law no matter how much we disagree with the decision. We can’t make decisions based on emotions.

Life isn’t fair but we can make it fairer by following the law and common sense.

As we become more partisan and divided, we can’t even admit the truth or cling to justice.

Forget that these victims are wealthy. They are victims nonetheless. Leaking their tax returns is a federal crime and wealth taxes are communistic.

If we don’t stop the weaponization and division, the house will fall.

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