Unmasking NYC Called Fascist


Wearing masks in public in New York City used to be illegal, but that changed with COVID-19. Masks do make it easier to abuse target groups like Jews, and it encourages shoplifting.

Unsurprisingly, the anti-Israel groups don’t want a mask ban. They say it’s fascist. A lot of these haters attacking Jews have normal and even high-powered jobs in New York, and they object the most.

New York City Revolutionary Youth, Palestine Solidarity Alliance, New York City Resistance Coalition, and other groups rallied at Gov. Kathy Hochuls’s office to demonstrate against the leader weighing a ban on masks in New York State’s subways following a series of antisemitic and anti-Israel incidents by masked activists.

“This mask ban is a clear infringement on the rights of the people, and we will not stand idly and watch it,” the coalition of activist groups said in a protest advertisement on Thursday.

Sadly, the far-left city officials think it will substitute for arresting criminals.

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