Unremarkable Fox Ratings with the New Lineup Are Out


Fox News ratings with the new lineup are unremarkable and dismal in the all-important 25-54-year-old demographic. Tucker averaged more than 400,000 viewers in this range, Watters and Hannity pulling closer to 150,000. 

Tucker author Chadwick Moore wrote that the numbers are disastrous. The demo has collapsed. The overall numbers were improved, but the demo is terrible.

“Sources at Fox are telling me that last night’s much-hyped primetime reboot was a ratings disaster,” Moore says. “Executives are panicked. Hannity lost to MSNBC’s Maddow, and the 8:00 show only pulled in 149,000 from the key demographic. (Tucker routinely got at least 400k). More to come…”

Some critics thought Watters debut was disastrous, calling it narcissistic, making it about himself, and interviewing his mother.

In the following clip, Fox appears to beg Donald Trump to join the first Fox debate. I doubt he’ll do it. Ron DeSantis might not make it, either. Donald Trump is appearing on Hannity tonight to discuss the DOJ’s new charges. The DOJ thinks Mr. Trump is El Chapo. In any case, he’s helping his friend Hannity with his ratings this evening.

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