Unvaxxed Canadian Military Denied Pensions While Murderers Are Not


Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant strongly criticized the sitting Liberal government during Wednesday’s meeting of the National Defence Committee, asking why a convicted serial killer gets better treatment from the military than a soldier who isn’t vaccinated.

Unvaxxed military members are not getting their pensions and benefits, but Russell Williams, a career criminal serving two life terms, gets his pension.

“Morale is at an all-time low with Canadian Forces short thousands of members, yet even those who’ve had the first COVID inoculation suffered serious adverse reactions and had cardiologists recommend foregoing subsequent injections are sent packing without earned pensions and benefits,” further explained Gallant.
Russell Williams was convicted of sexually assaulting and murdering Jessica Lloyd and Marie Comeau.

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Sino-American Friendship Center
Sino-American Friendship Center
1 year ago

Low morale is part of the plan so that the paper tiger CCP will have a cakewalk.
Western Civ is the designated loser in the Great Reset Leap Forward.
CCP will be the managerial elites of the neo-feudal global serf plantation.
Don’t worry they will purge all useful idiots first and use traditional stock of conquered territories as sex toys or slave labor.
All governments are at WAR with the original heritage stock of Western Civ.