Unvetted Migrants Rush to the Border Fearful That Trump Will Win in Nov.


According to a report by the NY Post, [unvetted] migrants are crossing the border now for fear that President Biden may lose reelection and Donald Trump will once again control the border. Migrants are rushing across the border to avoid a crackdown.

Recent polls show that most Americans do not approve of Biden‘s handling of immigration.

Yuma, Arizona, and San Diego have seen a large influx, including military-age men, especially Chinese nationals.

In Fiscal Year 2023, the most commonly encountered illegal aliens were Mexican nationals (735,937). Other leading countries of origin include: Venezuela (334,914), Guatemala (221,849), Honduras (216,028) and Cuba (200,287). In recent years, however, increasing number of illegal aliens are arriving from Ecuador, Haiti, China, Venezuela, and Russia.


There were 1,174,385 known gotaways during the first two years of President Biden’s tenure.


According to the most recent data provided by the Department of Homeland Security, in Fiscal Year 2022, nearly 854,000 nonimmigrant visitors violated the terms of their visas and overstayed in the United States.[1] Over the past four years, the total rate of visa overstays (as a proportion of those expected to depart) has increased, up from 1.21 percent in Fiscal Year 2019 to 3.67 percent in Fiscal Year 2022.[2]

In addition to visa overstayers, aliens who do not require a visa or arrive from Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries also overstay the allowed time. VWP nationals visiting the U.S. on business or pleasure in Fiscal Year 2022 accounted for nearly 100,000 overstays.

Biden recently flew over 400,000 in, and most of them flew to Florida to turn it blue.

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