Up to $5,000 fines for going out without a face mask in W. Hollywood


Some municipalities are mandating the wearing of face coverings whenever people are out in public in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

West Hollywood decided to fine people an outrageous amount of money. It could be a really great fundraiser.

“The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department West Hollywood Station said Wednesday it would start citing people for not wearing face coverings,” effective immediately, CBS-LA reported. “The department said it took the step after receiving a number of complaints about people not wearing face coverings in West Hollywood.”

There’s always a rat ready to inform on people.

The fines start out low but then skyrocket. For a first offense, there’s a $250 fine plus $50 processing fee, the sheriff’s department said in a statement. The second offense brings a $1,000 fine, the third a $2,000 fine — and for a fourth offense, an outlandish $5,000 fine.

The sheriff’s department said they simply had no other choice but to implement fines. “Our last option was to conduct enforcement by issuing an Administrative Citation, but the risk to community health is too great,” the statement said.

Some people think they have a case if they sue, but KTLA-5 said “Local jurisdictions have been given leeway to decide how — or if — they’ll enforce the statewide mask mandate issued June 18. The order allows for fines and other penalties, including possible misdemeanor charges.”

Face coverings have also been required in Los Angeles County since May 14.

The orders have largely gone unenforced with punitive measures. The West Hollywood station is the only in the county Sheriff’s Department to institute a citation, and L.A. Police Department Chief Michel Moore previously said he didn’t plan to issue fines.

There are some who are exempt due to age or illness.





  1. The irony is that in many Democrat jurisdictions, they have gotten rid of library book fines because its “wrong” to fine people for not making the due date and it somehow puts poor people at an economic disadvantage. Yet here are Democrats fining people for non-compliance of their control measures. Not the same you say? I call bull manure.

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