US Administration Seems Sad Over The Butcher of Tehran’s Death


The administration seemed very sad over the death of The Butcher of Tehran, Ebrahim Raisi. Some reports say the Senate prayed. If true, they should have prayed for his victims, all tens of thousands of them, mostly young people as young as 13.

The UN held a moment of silence, and NATO is also sad.

A reporter grilled the State Department official who claimed they’re sad when anyone dies in a helicopter crash.

“We regret any loss of life we don’t see people die in helicopter crashes. It doesn’t change our view of him.”

This monster Raisi was responsible for the death of US soldiers.

Who can forget how he hoped to assassinate senior former US officials?

It wasn’t only the US that was sad. NATO was sad, too.

This is disgusting:

A more perfect response would have been Bill Clinton’s on the death of Pol Pot. He talked about his legacy and what a monster he was.

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