Michael Brown Who Robbed a Store, Attacked a Cop Is Celebrated


On what would have been Michael Brown’s 28th birthday, some social media platforms commemorated his life. They advocated for justice. However, they left out the part where he robbed a store and attacked a police officer.

Here’s Rep. Cori Bush celebrating his birthday alongside his mother Lesley McFadden, accusing the officer who shot Michael Brown of killing him without cause. She mourns his death and wants a bill in his memory. It’s almost a decade since his life was lost, she said.

The NAACP with more misinformation:

As Michael Knowles wrote on X, Michael Brown would be turning 28 today had he not robbed a convenience store, punched a cop, grabbed the cop’s gun, and then turned around and charged the cop after running away.


Michael Brown wasn’t just a robbery suspect. He was caught on tape robbing Cigarillos and shoving and intimidating a much smaller storekeep:

The call described the two thieves, Michael Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson.
Michael Brown’s death was built around the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” lie concocted by his accomplice, who later admitted it wasn’t true.

Officer Darren Wilson heard the call of the robbery and noticed Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, walking down the middle of the street. He told them not to walk down the middle of the street, and they refused to comply.

Officer Wilson said he was attacked in the police car as he drove up alongside Brown and Johnson. Brown punched him and tried to get his gun. Officer Wilson said that after Brown fled and he – Wilson – went in hot pursuit, Brown turned around and charged him. Despite the officer yelling several times for him to stop, Brown continued to charge, even after he was shot.

This account was confirmed by several witnesses and the wounds the officer sustained.

Johnson was later arrested in May 2015 for dealing drugs. He also eventually admitted that he made up the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ lie, which became a popular slogan arising from his claim that Brown had his hands up when the cop had the gun on him.

This is the photo the media liked to show.

To sum up, the robbery isn’t the reason Brown died. He wasn’t killed because he stole a few cigars. It was the confrontation with Officer Wilson in which Brown fought with the officer, tried to take his gun, and later charged at him. Video and eyewitness testimony verified the officer’s account. An autopsy backed up the officer’s testimony that Brown reached for his gun.

Joe Biden invited the Brown family to the SOTU. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren lied and said he was murdered by a white policeman.

Beyoncé performed at the Super Bowl Halftime show with a commemorative “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot performance that was scarier than enjoyable.

Officer Brown was repeatedly investigated, and Obama used his Justice Department to investigate him until finally, the Feds admitted they had nothing on him. His career was then unjustly taken from him.

Michael Brown was also a drug dealer. In March 2017, Chris Cuomo said just because he was dealing drugs, it didn’t make him a drug dealer. Rep. Cori Bush reminisced about what he might be doing now. We think we know.

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