US Fake News Misrepresents the IDF Hostage Rescue


Israel’s IDF rescued four hostages from Hamas control. They were kept in civilian residences. An IDF soldier and dozens of Gazans died during the rescue attempt because Hamas used their people as human shields. That is what happened.

Fake News CNN ran a chyron during an interview claiming Hamas terrorists released the hostages. Calling it a “hostage release” is even too blatant a lie for CNN. The CNN host Victor Blackwell corrected it.

The BBC didn’t bother to mention it was an IDF rescue operation until midway through the article. Instead, they began with this: “Four hostages kidnapped by Hamas have been reunited with their families after being rescued in a raid that Palestinian officials say killed scores of people.” They immediately went into the number of Palestinians potentially killed in the “IDF raid.”

Meanwhile, the media has condemned Israel for the deaths of those hiding the hostages or living within the vicinity. The AP claims they rescued four and killed at least 274 Palestinians. That number came from Hamas. The US said it was under 100. The IDF soldier who died was labeled the “commando.”

The NY Times presented the horror from the Palestinian viewpoint. It was “unimaginable.” Somehow, the fact that Hamas used them as human shields never came up. WaPo talked about the “wall of fire,” and CNN regurgitated the Times article.

It is never good when civilians die in war, which is one reason we should avoid it at all costs. Hamas and the civilians who joined them should never have massacred Israelis on October 7, and they should alter their charter to destroy Israel.

Currently, Biden wants to work out a “unilateral” deal with the terror group to get five American hostages back. Biden’s deals are never good—another bad idea from the administration.

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