Pittsburgh GOP Chair Fears Homeless Will Be Housed with Seniors


New York City has had tens of thousands of people on the waitlist for Section 8 housing since 2009. They just opened up 200,000 applications, and 400,000 applied. They shut it down quickly. Meanwhile, we are coincidentally housing at least 200,000 illegal aliens in the city, and one out of five hotels in the city is filled with illegal aliens. Hotels make more money taking in illegals than tourists.


Pittsburgh plans to house the homeless with Section 8 and other federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act which was meant to provide COVID relief.

GOP Chair Sam DeMarco is very concerned about putting the homeless in with seniors. He is hearing that the drug-addicted and mentally ill homeless are in with seniors.



“We stand here ready to announce a new program to help move people out of shelter and into stable, safe, and attainable homes,” Allegheny County Executive Sara Innamorato said.

The project is called 500 in 500. The goal is to identify 500 available units in the next 500 days and make them accessible to the homeless.

According to local leaders, last year, shelters were occupied 75% of the time by low-needs individuals, while 46% had some source of income. They say 76% were people experiencing homelessness for the first time.

“It’s going to be a matter of really engaging with property owners, developers, property managers on getting those units online to move from those lists that are already on our system,” Innamorato said. “We are already trying within the current system that exists, so this is about adding the units online.”

The money is not supposed to go to non-citizens unless they are allowed to be here. Joe Biden allows them all to be here.

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