Progressive Guest Becomes Incoherent Over Trump’s ‘Crimes’


Francesca Kate Fiorentini is an American journalist, progressive political activist, and comedian. She is often invited on Piers Morgan’s show as a guest, and when she can’t answer a question, she accuses the host of mocking her.

The segment below started with Fiorentini being unable to name a Trump crime. Nothing she says in the first clip is a crime. There is no financial crime here, much less 34. It’s not New York State law—it’s federal, and under federal law, you can pay off an NDA with your own money. But her silliness gets much worse in the second clip. It’s the lede to the story.

Host Piers Morgan asked Fiorentini a simple question after she led off with the dossier pee bed lie. You will love her answer.

“Why is Bill Clinton able to have sex with an intern in the Oval Office when he’s President and lie to the American people about it on national television? And why is he able to pay off Paula Jones $850,000, four times as much, five times as much as the Trump payment to Stormy Daniels, to get rid of a sexual harassment claim, again, while he’s President, and he has no criminal court recourse for that? Why is that deemed to be better than what happened with Trump and Stormy?”

“It’s only the leftists in your mind making that argument,” said Fiorentini at a loss for an argument.


This next clip is so you can have a laugh. Wait for it at the end.

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