US Gangs Are Joining Cartels in Human Smuggling, Thanks Joe


Bill Melugin was on Fox News today and said US gangs are now involved in human smuggling because it’s so lucrative.

Thank you, Joe. Thank you, Democrats and RINOs.

One 18-year-old trafficker, arrested after a police chase ending in the death of two people the youth T-boned, was driving a van with six illegal aliens.

Melugin said one of the traffickers arrested is a Crips member.

Gangs liked the CRIPs are serious and they account for the majority of violence in the United States. Gangs get involved in theft, assaults, drug trafficking, and black-market weapon exchanges. Just by being in a gang a teen significantly increases their chance of imprisonment and even death.

This relationship between Mexican cartels and US gangs began in seriousness under Barack Obama.

The United States is at the beginning of a one-party takeover, and they need this underclass to help them acquire and maintain power.

Mostly uneducated and poor, the people coming in are meant to join up with Democrats as their underclass who will be reliant on the government and who will do their bidding as Democrats wage class and race war. The Democrats want more than votes. They want obedience.

Their ideology isn’t about fairness and equality. It’s about tyrannical rule by the few.

The Great Reset, that the Democrat Party has signed on to, doesn’t even pretend to be anything but the dream of a totalitarian, globalist technocracy with only the elite in charge.

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1 year ago

Create an Illegal enterprise and there is always a lot of money to be made.

Don Rhudy
Don Rhudy
1 year ago

With a population as ignorant as the US population—made ignorant by a Neo-Marxist public school indoctrination system—and a voting electorate just as ignorant the rest of the population an ignominious end to a U.S.A. was certain.

1 year ago

One party takeover. All other sides are not welcome.
DeSantis will be a fighter and some other non-RINOs.
The Sentinel said governors are the key months ago and it is true.