Video of One Town Shows the Devastation of Catastrophic Tornadoes


“The devastation is unlike anything I have seen in my life and I have trouble putting it into words,” Gov. Andy Beshear said in a press conference on Saturday afternoon.

Over two dozen reports of tornadoes lashed Arkansas, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee, killing several people, wrecking buildings, and causing hundreds of thousands of people to lose power.

Deaths and catastrophic damage are reported.

Photojournalist and storm chaser Brandon Clement posted drone footage of the city of Mayfield on Saturday. The city of just over 10,000 people has all but disappeared, and the catastrophic destruction has to be seen to be believed:

The number of people who died from tornadoes is believed to have reached 100.

One of the tornadoes that went through Kentucky had winds of 250 to 300 mph and the path was 250 miles in length. The previous record was a 220-mile path.

The damage in Mayfield was left by one of a series of tornadoes that swept through the region overnight, leaving damage across five states.

More than 100 factory workers were buried in a candle factory. Forty were rescued and most of the rest are considered missing.

The record-breaking tornado tore through a candle factory in Mayfield, and another led to the partial collapse of an Amazon warehouse in Illinois. They are still pulling people out of the Amazon building. Two have died and the death toll is expected to rise after the roof caved in.

Another tornado trapped residents and workers at a nursing home in Arkansas.

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1 year ago

Of course the Global Warming and Climate Change Cult wackos are out in force today.

The Wayfarer
The Wayfarer
1 year ago

The wind was fierce earlier but has finally let up with the animals going out and almost time for some coffee on the porch as it is unseasonably warm.
Some plants and storage bins blew over but I’ll right those before the PM hike to Walden Creek with some scraps for the animals.
The love fleet is pulled up off shore and shelling with hearts and good vibes and prayers for the people affected.