US Government Expects Home Heating Bills to Increase by 54%


The US government expects households to see their heating bills increase by 54% compared with last winter. U.S. consumers will spend more to heat their homes this winter than last year due to surging energy prices, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) projected in its winter fuels outlook on Wednesday.

Freezing in the USA as Democrats promote a rapid increase in the cost of fuel.

US natural gas has climbed to its highest price since 2014 and is up roughly 90% over the last year. The wholesale price of heating oil has more than doubled in the last 12 months.

The biggest reason for this winter’s higher heating bills is the recent increase in prices for energy commodities after they dropped to multi-year lows in 2020. Demand has simply grown faster than production. Another reason for the rise is how global the market for fuels has become.

Additionally, thank Democrats who are destroying the fossil fuel industry with nothing ready to replace it. Democrats said they want to increase fossil fuel costs exponentially so solar and wind look more attractive.

Those in the midwest would see bills up an estimated 49%. This could be the most expensive winter for natural gas-heated homes since 2008-2009.

The National Energy Assistance Directors Association (NEADA) estimates it will cost Wisconsin residents from 1,025 to $1,202 to heat an average home this winter. That’s an exorbitant increase of more than 17.2% compared to last winter.  It’s the second year in a row of major increases.

Between 2020-21 and 2021-23, the cost of home energy would increase by more than 35%. Some utilities are already sending notices to customers ahead of price hikes.

According to NBC News, New York utility, Con Edison has already told its customers to expect their electric bills to increase by 22% and natural gas users’ bills to jump by 32%.

According to Mark Wolfe, Executive Director of NEADA, the rise in home energy costs this winter will put millions of lower-income families at risk of falling behind on their energy bills. They will be forced to choose energy over food, medicine, and rent.

The NEADA has asked for $5 billion to cover costs for poor families, money which will come from the middle class or the printer.

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8 months ago

We don’t worry about heat here in SC. It’s about Air conditioning. 3 years ago I would worry about heating oil price. Good luck north and welcome Germany and France into the misery of Winter.
Jan and February I have to wear long pants and a light sweatshirt.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
8 months ago

Look at this leftist Guardian nonsense. Demand does not account for a huge price increase. Demand is probably level. Non-Russian production has decreased. That is the fault of the West. Biden makes energy production more expensive. Notice the leftists do not give production or demand figures. Their article is disinformation.

The West has done this to itself. The real cold weather will not come until after the election.

8 months ago

Once in a while I venture into the big city, New Orleans, to visit family and I still hear people who support Traitor Joe because President Trump sent Mean Tweets. When you ask what was a mean tweet it usually revolves around calling the Media Fake News. They also believe that Russia Russia Russia was real. It was also mean to call Hillary Clinton a crook and President Kim rocket man.

These people actually believe that Traitor Joe is trying to save the environment by shutting down Petroleum, the rich, i.e. Upper middle class business owners, don’t pay their fair share of taxes, and Governor DeSantis is cruel for sending Illegal Aliens to Martha’s Vineyard. In New Orleans, you still see people walking around and even driving wearing mask.

Something like 50% of the people in New Orleans are on some kind of Government assistance. They have seen rising electric bills for months because New Orleans has really hot and humid summers, but to these people the bad economy is President Trump’s fault. They tell me that Democrats care about people because they passed the CARES Act to help pay their electric bills. They don’t know the CARES Act was signed into Law by President Trump. Go to a Blue City and it’s clear why Blue Cities are failing, but it’s us gun toting Red Neck Country Folk who are the problem. You see to a Liberal anyone with a gun is bad!

A Democrat Politician is like the caress guy who shoots a hole in the bottom of your boat then gives you the shell casing to bail it out with. What gets me is that Democrat voters are happy to get the shell casing to bail with. It’s hard to imagine that there are people in this World who are that stupid.

Obviously being Hot and Thirsty doesn’t wise people up so we can only hope that Cold and Hungry will.

Trump Won
Trump Won
8 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Well said, Guv.