Leftists Look to a USA with One Billion People


Konrad Putzier, a real estate reporter for the Wall Street Journal, warns that the US is running short of land for housing. These warnings are becoming more frequent. The NY Times recently published an article along the same lines. The point of the article is to loosen zoning regulations. At the same time, the Left’s latest ideological precept is to encourage more and more immigration until we have one billion people in the United States.

Mr. Putzier cites brokers blaming interest rates and construction costs for weighing down the land market as other parts of the real estate market are starting to slow.

Some landowners worry about a downturn similar to the 2008 financial crisis when home and land values plummeted after years of debt-fueled excess.

According to Putzier, “Still, the lack of supply and the strong demand means land prices will likely continue to rise in the long term, economists and investors say.”

He didn’t mention it, but the government is increasing taxes in certain areas, making it too difficult for people to buy even small single-family starter homes.

The left does not like the private ownership of land, but others disagree.

The author then blames zoning regulations, although they prevent overcrowding and traffic jams while preserving the neighborhood’s character.

But, keep in mind that leftists want one billion people here.

[As part of Agenda 2030, the government wants zoning gone. Zoning keeps control of the land locally instead of federally.]

Because developers can’t stack homes on top of each other without single-family or similar zoning, they need more land for each housing unit. That is driving demand for land, pushing up prices.

It also forces builders to look for lots farther away from the city, where they run into new restrictions. Counties put moratoriums on loosening up zoning regulations.

Builders want to put us all up in city high rises, and so does the government.

“Inadequate infrastructure is also boosting land inflation. In Nashville, for example, commutes have been getting longer as the population grows and traffic jams worsen, U.S. census data shows.” Putzier said more public transit is needed.

In 2018, Nashville voters rejected a proposal to build a light-rail system and expand bus service. How ever, will they fit the one billion people in the country without government transit everywhere?

According to real-estate brokerage Redfin, apartment rents in Nashville rose 31% in the year ending in June.

The article concludes, “Most economists say municipalities need to relax zoning rules and other restrictions to bring down land inflation and build more housing.” The author blames municipalities for not wanting to spend money on infrastructure and homeowners for wanting to see their home values rise.

You can see the danger here since the Left wants single-family suburban housing eliminated. It’s part of the Agenda 2030 plan.


At the same time, the national bestseller is One Billion Americans, The Case for Thinking Bigger. The author, Matthew Yglesias, is a far-left blogger and journalist who writes for Slate, The Atlantic, and The American Prospect. He’s a senior editor at VOX. All of those publications are extremely far-left. He’s a NY-DC guy.

When Hillary Clinton was running for president in 2016, she addressed her Wall Street donors in a closed fundraising meeting. Rumors revealed that she felt the USA could accommodate another 350 million people. Yglesias wants a billion. They all want massive influxes of impoverished, uneducated people, including criminals from around the world, or they would speak against open borders.

In 2015, Biden, sitting next to Alejandro Mayorkas, our current DHS secretary, talked about wanting non-white foreigners to pour into the country. Skin color, an immutable characteristic, is insignificant, but not to racist Democrats, our social engineers.


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Sick of it All
Sick of it All
1 year ago

Up and down the I-95 corridor, they’re building apartments on every conceivable parcel of land. Straight through to the great state of Florida. I’m no tree hugger, but the thousands of acres of trees being destroyed is a travesty. Not too mention the wildlife being killed or displaced. They destroyed paradise and put in a parking lot. Do we really need these apartments or are we getting prepared to house the millions coming here illegally??

1 year ago

Where I live there is virtually no zoning. You can do pretty much anything you want on your land. City regulations make things expensive! We wouldn’t have crowded Cities with noise and traffic jams if we spread things around. I don’t need a giant shopping center 5 minutes away, North, South, East, and West. Once a month, the family goes shopping. There’s a big mall an hour away in a College Town. Occasionally, we will go to the Big City, New Orleans, to shop. That’s 2 hours away.

For over 100 years people shopped from the Sears Catalog, now it’s Amazing and online. People don’t need to live on top of each other, but Liberals seem to have a need to. I have no problem with that as long as they leave me alone, but Liberals can’t seem to.

Where I live people just want to be left alone. Our dogs will bite you. That’s why we have a fence and sign that says “No Trespassing”. Trespassers will be asked to leave. If you don’t leave, then you run the risk of being shot; especially if you get in the Land Owner’s face. Rob, steal, or assault someone; hope the Sheriff finds you first. Do something to a child and you’re alligator bait. The reason Liberals don’t want to live in Rural America is because the rules are simple and The People enforce the rules; even when Government doesn’t. Liberals love a lot of rules and “flexible” Law & Order, Conservatives don’t!

Liberals create their own problems by trying to control everything while not understanding they don’t really control anything.

1 year ago

There is plenty of vacant land and empty houses in the inner cities all around America but black people have made those communities too dangerous to live in because of their criminal behavior. This pushes inner city whites out to the suburbs which are becoming overbuilt. Iff politicians and city leaders had the stones to call out this bad behavior and told these communities to behave themselves, that would go a long way of solving the housing problem. That won’t happen because doing that would be labeled “racist”. I’m glad I got out at the right time.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago
Reply to  lalasayswhat

The sinister democrats will never debase those they have enslaved and use as their meal tickets and sources of luxury. It’s up to those who have been shackled, whipped, and branded to remove their own instruments of sadistic torture by serial kylling democrats and race-cleansers.