US Might Condition Aid to Israel on Not Fighting Hamas


The Regime, staffed by Obama, Clinton, and Soros operatives, has not ruled out conditioning US aid to Israel as they order them to stop fighting Hamas, the group sworn to destroy Israel.

Israel depends on US weapons.

No matter what the obligations, the US has no right to tell Israel what to do. It’s a sovereign nation. They face an existential threat from a terrorist group.

Zero? In a war, especially when the enemy uses their people as shields, the onus is on Israel to avoid deaths? You will find Hamas held up in hospitals and schools. Hamas is equivalent to Nazis.

No one wants deaths. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s war.

The terrible accident was just that – an accident. We’ve had accidents. The US did it in Kabul, Afghanistan, with their “righteous” drone attack on an innocent family, including children.

Israel and the US Are Obligated to Buy and Sell Weapons

Israel was the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. military assistance since World War II, amounting to over $124 billion, not adjusted for inflation. U.S. aid to Israel is outlined in a unique 10-year memorandum of understanding (MOU) that pledges the United States will provide billions of dollars of military aid per year, years in advance. The most recent MOU was signed in 2016 and pledged $38 billion through 2028. While the MOU is not legally binding, Congress has consistently endorsed and abided by the arrangements, including through affirming legislation.

Since WWII, it’s not as much as we’ve given to Ukraine in two years.


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