US Promised to Force Israel Into a Permanent Ceasefire?


Caroline Glick reported that Bill Burns sold Israel out completely to the terrorist group Hamas.  If true, there is no way Israel could negotiate under these conditions. I can’t confirm that report, but the US is insulting Israel publicly, claiming they didn’t approach negotiations in “good faith.”

“According to all of the media reports, CIA Director Bill Burns gave Hamas a guarantee that the U.S. will force Israel to accept a permanent ceasefire. This means that the Biden administration has totally abandoned Israel. It’s using the hostage talks to force Israel to surrender to Hamas,” Caroline Glick wrote on X.

Biden has decided he wants Islamists’ votes. There are probably more Islamists in this country – counting illegals – than Jews. He has thrown his chips in with radical Islamists screaming on college campuses in the US and throughout the West. They even protested at Auschwitz in a new low.

Whether you like Israel or not, they are our allies, and Hamas is a terror group allied with Iran and other radicals who hate us.

The Deal

Hamas claimed to accept a deal outlined by Egypt and Qatar. Israel denied it agreed with the terms they set forward, and Egypt and Qatar said they didn’t sign a thing. The deal didn’t include a hostage release in the first phase, but they demanded an end to the war FOR NOW in the first phase.

An Israeli official told Reuters that the Hamas announcement appeared to be “a ruse intended to make Israel look like the side refusing a deal,” following days of the US saying the ball was in Hamas’s court.

Negotiating with terrorists is a lose-lose.

The Prime Minister’s office decided to push ahead with the attack on the last Hamas stronghold in Rafah. They told over 100,000 Gazans to leave.

A US official familiar with truce negotiations told Reuters that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the war cabinet “have not appeared to approach the latest phase of negotiations in good faith.”

They sound like they are on Hamas’s side.

Additionally, The Belgian government is “working on further sanctions against Israel,” Deputy Prime Minister Petra De Sutter said on Monday. Brussels has already sanctioned Israeli settlers and plans to cut trade ties with the Jewish state over the war in Gaza.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), De Sutter said that Israel’s planned invasion of Rafah – a city in southern Gaza where around 1.4 million Palestinian refugees have sought shelter – would “lead to [a] massacre.”

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