Why Is Gorham Public Schools in Maine Teaching Communism?


An Anti-American woke Homework assignment in Gorham Public Schools in Maine suggests children declare independence from their parents and authority. One has to wonder if the CCP wrote the assignment.

Fox News Digital reviewed a public record request to the Gorham Public School District, which requested “all student assignments assigned by Sara Hampton in the 2022-2023 school year.” Hampton is a high school social studies teacher.

Sara Hampton

Her assignment on the Declaration of Independence was the impetus. Her course reviewed fake “institutionalized racism” and provided “evidence” for “systemic racism.” It also had students look for their alleged internal racism.

The course asked students questions like, “Why is it likely that most Americans, even women, are sexist?” and “What can you assume about your unconscious biases? What are some biases that you are aware of that you have?”

“Why do we often act defensively when confronted with our unconscious biases?” another question asked.

In addition, students were also allegedly given an assignment to declare independence from “problematic” things in their lives. One of the examples given was “parents.” 

We must start speaking out against CRT and DEI in the harshest terms and not stop. It’s un-American and racist.

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