US Warns of War, Russia Prepares for Nuclear War


In March, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III said Ukraine would not back down in the face of the Russian invasion of the country, and neither would the United States. House minority leader Hakeem Jeffries sent up a trial balloon during a CBS interview this week, saying that it might be time for the US to send in troops. Several reports have stated that NATO troops are in Ukraine already.

You have to love how politicians speak so lightly about war and sending our children to fight in it.

Russian President Putin said he is ready tactically and strategically for nuclear war. He added that he doesn’t want it, but the US is threatening to bring US troops into Ukraine.

He also warned Poland to stay out of it and considers it a priority target, probably because of its location.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday ordered a snap exercise in the use of tactical nuclear weapons in the Southern Military District, which borders Ukraine.

The Drill Is a Warning

The drill is intended to warn the US and its allies not to escalate the Ukraine conflict any further.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday that the drills’ purpose is to iron out “the practical aspects of the preparation and deployment of non-strategic nuclear weapons,” strengthen the readiness of both equipment and personnel and “ensure the integrity and sovereignty of Russia.”

Russia is estimated to have almost 6,000 nuclear warheads of various yields. An unspecified number of tactical nuclear warheads were stationed in Belarus last year as a response to NATO members delivering depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine.

The US has about 180 tactical nuclear bombs deployed at six bases in Europe – two in Italy and one each in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Türkiye. The government in Warsaw has expressed a willingness to host the weapons as well, to which Moscow responded that it would consider Poland a priority target.

The tactical nuclear drills are taking place “in the context of recent belligerent statements by Western officials and sharply destabilizing actions taken by a number of NATO countries” in connection with the Ukraine conflict, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

Russia said their actions are defensive in nature.

We must not enter into war in the Middle East or Ukraine. Biden claims he will not send troops, but he’s a complete fool and easily manipulated.

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