US ranks in last place for trust in the media in 46 countries surveyed


Brian Stelter, the man has teeth, we’ll give him that.

The victims — the general public, particularly “on the right” — will be blamed, for not understanding or appreciating what they are being served.

According to the Reuters Institute and the University of Oxford Report, the US ranks 46 among 46 countries surveyed for trust in the media.

That is undoubtedly true. Journalists collectively have very high opinions of themselves and think they have the right to lie since we are all so inferior to them. They are arrogant and often incompetent. At best, some are smug and dishonest.

The United States ranks last in media trust — at 29% — among 92,000 news consumers surveyed in 46 countries. That’s worse than Poland, worse than the Philippines, worse than Peru. (Finland leads at 65%.)

The annual report found the US’s low rating was flat year to year, unlike other nations.

There is partisanship involved in who trusts and who doesn’t. People on the right distrust the media by 75%. That could be because the media is left-wing to far-left.

The media is very corrupt and owned by only six entities. Facebook and Twitter are even worse. It’s unlikely they will change. What will help is the growth of honest reporters and their outlets.

The media is in denial. Stelter, Reid, Hayes, all of them are going down, but they keep claiming they aren’t:

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