US Review: Drone Slaughter of a Family in Afghanistan Is Not US’s Fault


According to the AP, an independent Pentagon review has concluded that the U.S. drone strike that killed innocent Kabul civilians and children in the final days of the Afghanistan war was not caused by misconduct or negligence.  Finally, the review doesn’t recommend any disciplinary action.

What they are saying is the U.S. government investigated the attack on an innocent family carried out by the U.S. government was all good. In fact, it was probably a perfect attack.


If it wasn’t misconduct or negligence and no one did anything intentionally, what was it? They thought it was Abdul the bomber.

The review, done by Air Force Lt. Gen. Sami Said, found there were breakdowns in communication and in the process of identifying and confirming the target of the bombing.

The Lt. General concluded that the mistaken strike happened despite prudent measures to prevent civilian deaths.

“I found that given the information they had and the analysis that they did — I understand they reached the wrong conclusion, but … was it reasonable to conclude what they concluded based on what they had? It was not unreasonable. It just turned out to be incorrect,” Said said. He is the inspector general of the Air Force and is considered independent as he had no direct connection to Afghanistan operations.

The review said you have to consider the incident in the context of “moment.”

“…U.S. forces under stress were being flooded by information about threats to troops and civilians at the Kabul airport, just days after a deadly suicide bombing. Thousands of Afghans were swarming the airport, trying to get out of the country following the Taliban takeover.”

They not only bombed these people, but they also lied about it repeatedly.

No, the fact is they said they would get the people who killed the 13 service members so they jumped at the first opportunity without proper intelligence.

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