We need NFL helmets that say ‘Stop the Marxist NFL’


The NFL has aligned 100% with a violent Soros-funded communist organization — Black Lives Matter — and with the false narrative about systemic racism. We won’t be turning football games on in our house. College football only!

The NFL will now allow six social justice (Marxist) messages on players’ helmets. They didn’t allow any when the police officers were murdered by a Black Lives Matter radical in Texas.

The allowed messages are: Stop Hate, Black Lives Matter, It Takes All of Us, End Racism, Inspire Change, Say their Stories. That’s hardcore leftist propaganda.

Why not some messages for the 13 dead service members that Biden and his comrades left to die? How about the stranded Americans in Afghanistan or the Benghazi victims? Why not something for 9/11 since the 20th anniversary is this year? How about some Founding Father’s message?

And why is it okay to say racist things against whites? Let’s end that, shall we?


The NY Times writes: The efforts represent a continued shift for the league, which in the past had been criticized as slow to support, or hostile to, players who had demonstrated against racism and police violence.

What a crock. How about the real violence against blacks which is Black-on-Black crime? How about a helmet that bears the message, Stop Black-on-Black Murders or Stop Gang Killings.

It doesn’t stop there for the NFL.

There will be messages all over the field to brainwash Americans into Marxism.

That isn’t the end of it either.


The NY Times reports: “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” known as the Black national anthem, which the N.F.L. played before games in the opening week of last year’s season, will once again be played before the start of this season’s first game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday, Mr. McCarthy said. The song will also be played at the Pro Bowl, the Super Bowl and the N.F.L. draft, he said.

That is NOT a national anthem. It’s not even a great song. The only purpose of it is to divide us. We are all one people. Skin color is irrelevant. We are all just as American. There is one anthem, one America, one people. We need to unite, but communists want to divide us. This is simply Marxism with a humanitarian face. Don’t fall for it.

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