US Senator outlines Biden’s Plan for the 1st 100 Days (quick read)


Senator Marsha Blackburn discussed with Greg Jarett on Lou Dobbs’ show last night what will transpire if David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler lose this election.

She went through the Biden promises which should terrify everyone. This is the first 100 day agenda:

  • Cancel the Trump tax cuts
  • Raise corporate taxes
  • Add a carbon tax
  • Add global taxes
  • Implement the Green New Deal
  • Everyone will be under government-run healthcare. Everyone, including seniors, will be on Medicaid.
  • All private sector healthcare will be eliminated.
  • Expand the Supreme Court
  • Give statehood to a city — DC, and a foreign territory, Puerto Rico — giving them a Democrat majority that will be hard or impossible to overcome.
  • Pathway to a guaranteed minimum income (universal basic income, which is communism). It is why Democrats won’t open up.
Watch the clip:


They plan to change the world with The Great Reset:

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The Great Leap Forward
The Great Leap Forward
1 year ago

They could have just copy pasted the communist manifesto.
Oh…that is already completed as part of the great society fundamental transformation.
Too bad so sad suburban soccer moms but there won’t be any Benetton rainbow utopia.
At least we won’t have the bad orange tweets from the boorish horn dog millionaire who had the gall to use social media and defeat the inevitable pantsuit princess.
Note to mommygov dependents-get while the getting is good as the debt nears 30 trillion and that is what they admit to so it is probably three or four times that.
They need that seniorcare to get rid of the useless eaters who are no longer contributing to the good of the collective.
The green nude eel is for the lumpen proles and not the apparatchiks and owner donors.
I’m sure the corporations won’t pack up and go elsewhere to evade a higher tax.
The dupes and LARP “revolutionaries” who voted for Historic Harris can afford to pay a little more in taxes as elections do have consequences.
Now shut up and unite or BLM/Antifa will be by as part of the mandatory we’re in this together comrade utopia.

Ignatius LaBarbera
Ignatius LaBarbera
1 year ago

They left one out, pack the supreme court.