Fake Fact Checkers Destroying Free Speech – One Speaks for the Teacher’s Union


The fake online fact-checkers are growing. It’s a lucrative business with some very deep-pocketed leftist radicals funding them. We make mention of three here – Snopes, NewsGuard, and Media Bias Fact Check.


Prager U Gets Ripped

Prager U just pointed out today that one of those lying fact-checkers — NEWSGUARD — the self-named ‘Internet Trust Tool’ — is in collusion with the AFT — the American Federation of Teachers, a very far-left organization.

The two are in a partnership, calling it a “game-changer for teachers drowning in an ocean of online dishonesty.”

Meanwhile, the AFT is as WOKE and corrupt as it can possibly be. Prager is not a news service but was torched by them anyway. Prager tried to work with them as did we. It’s pointless. They’re on a mission.

Prager wrote in an email this morning:

We all know what this really means. The teachers union is now hiding behind a third-party “fact-checker” to censor anything—and taking zero responsibility for it.

This teachers’ union has 1.7 MILLION members teaching TENS OF MILLIONS OF AMERICAN CHILDREN.

NewsGuard’s biased ratings are about to stop anything the union disagrees with from reaching millions of children across America under the guise of keeping youth safe from “dishonesty.” Most parents have no idea this is happening. Are we going to allow this institutionalized left-wing indoctrination of young minds?

And There Is Media Bias Fact Check

I have written about Newsguard in the past. An article I found tied the owner of Newsguard to George Soros as friends, although the scoundrel who contacted us for an evaluation said Soros wasn’t tied to Newsguard.

They’re nothing but self-anointed arbiters of truth.

Another loser is Media Bias Fact Check. He used to rate the Sentinel as a reliable source, but then he put everyone on the right, including Newsmax, in the ‘Questionable Source’ category. He loves the Times and other legacy media sites. He’s a fraud who follows NewsGuard like a lost puppy.

SNOPES, Admitting Something Is True But Still Labeling It Mostly False

Check out the typical Snopes rating system below in all its absurdity. It mimics other self-appointed fact-checkers, like NewsGuard and Media Bias Fact Check. In the rating below,  Snopes rates the Biden ‘racial equity crack pipe’ story ‘Mostly False’ because it’s only one of a million government (taxpayer-funded) WOKE initiatives in the package.

The truth with these ‘fact-checks’ is usually somewhere deep in the article or just twisted in some way. In other words, the crack pipe story is TRUE but because people don’t always mention all the other garbage in the $30 million funding package, they rate it ‘false’. It’s obvious the $30 million isn’t just for crack pipes.

I had one commenter do something like this on an article we posted about the vaccine and a study in Israel. He picked on a graph that was only loosely related to the article in that it was intended merely to point out that Israel has a huge surge in COV cases. He used it to demonize the article and falsely suggested I called Africa a country.

If he wasn’t a Facebook-Soros fact-checker, he should apply for the job.

This is the kind of thing the third-party fact-checkers do. It’s just another way to destroy free speech and all dissent.

Update: Since I reposted this expose of Media Bias Fact Check, Van Zandt decided to give the Sentinel the worst possible and false rating. He also has a well-known spammer haunting the site. He originally rated my site “highly factual”. He started to downgrade based on other far-left fact checkers. Now he has the site in the depths. It has to be vengeful. Reportedly, he wants to get rid of the site. The truth hurts.

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1 year ago

The carnage will be in the Big Blue Cities where the voting base for Traitor Joe resides. The only supporters that the Traitor Joe Regime has is the one’s on the Democrat Welfare Plantation and they will be little more than Cannon Fodder. Anyone leaving the Democrat Welfare Plantation will be treated no better than vermin. Liberal Losers will have no place to go and are too dumb to figure that out. Selling your Soul to Government is no different than selling it to the Devil.

I don’t see a Bosnia or Rwanda. I see a massive well regulated army marching on Berlin in 1945, followed by an occupation after unconditional surrender, then Nuremberg style trials for the Tyrants and their supporters. It’s foolish to cross Patriotic Americans who repelled the Greatest Tyrannical Power in the World back in the Late 1700s.

World Downfall
World Downfall
1 year ago

@ GG,

The state is the problem and collapse is imminent. Get ready for Bosnia x Rwanda with a hostile traitor gov and their replacement invasion force who won’t hesitate to liquidate and everything else is irrelevant.
Leave the distracted and those who can’t cope with their virtual worlds which is where they will be until the end.

Paul Crewe Mean Machine 22
Paul Crewe Mean Machine 22
1 year ago

Hammering the it’s Trump’s fault hard with family who insist that inflation and $5 a gallon gas happen like a rollercoaster ride.
I blame Hoover and Wilson, it’s their fault.

O/T-Hopping at the I’d buy that for a $1.25 (H/T-Robocop) and Sack-N-Save.
Almost $6 for 2 cup cone bleached go-go juice [coffee] filters.
Got the last pack of foam cups that aren’t mouthwash sized and boy are people trusting out in the sticks with wallets hanging out and purses left unattended in carts.
Trump needs to something about this inflation but at least he fixed the weather
Maybe her borrowed the hurricane driving machine from Shrubby Bush.

1 year ago

Only Liberals need Fact Checkers and that’s because they have no common sense. When a Fact Checker weighs in on something, 95% of the time it is to try and and convince you a Lie is actually the truth.

The funny thing about truth, it is backed up by facts or basic common sense. For instance, the Federal Government is too big and is now a drain on the economy. Taxes are too high. The National Debt is too high. Inflation is out of control. The Democrat Party stole the 2020 Election by stuffing Ballot Boxes. Joe Biden has had at least two strokes. The US President is mentally challenged. Covid is a giant Hoax. Covid was created in the Wuhan Lab. Covid research was Funded by the US Government. Covid was used as a political weapon by Democrats. Cloth masks are useless against air-borne viruses. Lock Downs have proven to be useless in stopping the spread of Covid. Lock Downs have destroyed much of small business. Masking young children has led to speech problems. The “Shots” do not stop Covid spread and so are not a vaccines. We don’t know what the long term effects of the “Shots” are. Fauci is a dangerous Quack! Pelosi refused National Guard troops for J6. The J6 Committee is a witch hunt to cover up a False Flag Black Op. Many Politicians and Big Tech Companies are compromised by Communist Chinese Money. Communist China is a far bigger threat to America than Russia. Big Blue Cities and Big Blue States are going bankrupt and failing. Inequality is growing in Blue States. People are leaving Blue States and moving to Red States. Red States grow far more food than they consume. Red States produce more energy than they consume. Manufacturing is moving to Red States. Blue States would starve without Truckers! Government Mandate Powers are dangerous to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

One Who Rides with King of kings
One Who Rides with King of kings
1 year ago

Fact CHEKA wins one for the teacher’s soviet union?
Comrades gonna comrade.
Only drooling duped dullards who hope that their worldling chains rest gently still believe in anything the Mockingbird enemedia has to emit.