US Tax $$$ Put NYC Communists In the Most Lavish Digs


Communists have taken over New York City without firing a shot. Corrupt media and politicians have taken the place of lead and steel.

Councilwoman Vickie Paladino alerted New Yorkers that the Revolutionary Communists of The People’s Forum have lavish digs in Manhattan.

The People’s Forum is a self-described “group of organizers, educators, visionaries, cultural workers, thinkers and fighters committed to the systemic transformation of a society rooted in equity, justice and human dignity.” Now, Democrats call it diversity, equity, and inclusion.

They are Maoist communists.

The ANSWER Coalition organizes anti-Israel protests, calling up The People’s Forum. They use them with fascist Islamist groups and almost any other cause. Communists and radical Islamists work closely together and have for decades.

The ANSWER Coalition is anti-American and anti-Israel.

Councilwoman Paladino wrote on X:

You may not realize this, but The People’s Forum, a revolutionary communist front behind much of the pro-Hamas violence and chaos in NYC, is heavily funded and maintains lavish offices at 320 w. 37th Street in Manhattan, in one of the priciest commercial developments in the city. This space is open to the public and holds frequent training and networking events. They operate in the open and have no fear of reprisal. Interesting, right? This funding is coming from major donors, including the Chinese and Cuban communist parties, major Democrat donors, and, of course, your tax dollars.

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