US Taxpayer to Help Rebuild Ukraine’s Army and Defense Over 10 Years


The US taxpayer, along with NATO countries, will soon have to pay to rebuild Ukraine’s army and defense industry  Politico explained NATO would enact a 10-year plan to do it. The US currently provides most of the money and weaponry for Ukraine.

This threatens Moscow as the US and NATO go up to Russia’s border. Russia has said they see this as an existential threat. When Ukraine was freed in 1991, they made a pact that included never joining NATO.

“We will be looking at defense planning requirements to get Ukraine fully interoperable with NATO,” an unnamed senior NATO official told Politico. “It’s about shifting away from Soviet equipment… to NATO-compatible Western equipment.”

“We’ll be looking at ways to try and rebuild Ukraine’s defense industry,” the NATO official added. However, it remains that some Western defense officials are already intensely concerned over their own countries’ depleting stockpiles.

”We will do as much as we can for as long as we can, and we will do as much as it takes for as long as it takes,” to help Ukraine push Russian troops out of their country, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Gen. Mark Milley said after the meeting.

The US is $31 trillion in debt and continues to climb.

Ukraine isn’t a NATO member but is treated as one.

Additionally, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said his country needs no less than $38 billion to cover the budget deficit for next year. That will mostly come from the US.

Ukraine doesn’t have any money except for the money they get from NATO, mostly the US, while the US, as we said, is $31 trillion + in debt.

Crucially, the Politico report observes that a “10-year plan” would see Ukraine become part of NATO by default:

The wider effort of looking beyond the day-to-day battlefield needs of the Ukrainian military will require years of attention from partners stretching from Warsaw to Ottawa, an effort that could eventually transform Ukraine into a NATO country by default, even if it is not a member of the alliance.

Russia feared this happening from the start. They warned that they saw it as an existential threat that could start World War III.

In NATO meetings among defense ministers this week, the US and others repeatedly committed to supporting Ukraine militarily “for as long as it takes.”

Detailing these meetings, Politico wrote, “Those allies met in Brussels on Wednesday in the sixth meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, a collection of 50 nations committed to arming and supplying Ukrainian forces. The Russian missile strikes on civilian targets over the past several days that have killed dozens of civilians have led to a rethinking of that aid, pushing air defense to the top of the Ukrainian wish list.”

This is the list without end.

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