US Taxpayers Fund Illegal Immigration From Everyone in the World


It’s scary what is coming across; we are inviting that, as you mentioned, we’re inviting other armies of other nations into our country with our tax dollars.

~ Ben Bergquam

We are the authors of our own demise as funders of every illegal thing this administration does. The border is entirely open, illegal aliens are getting benefits Americans don’t get, and we’re letting our foreign enemies and enemies within do it.

There is only one answer: “Shut it down. Shut down the border or shut down the government.”

Ninety percent of these illegal crossers are moved around the country by Joe Biden’s regime, not Gov. Abbott. They come from all over the world, and many lately have mentioned they are going to places like Florida, Indianapolis, and other red states. When questioned, they don’t even know why they are going there, but communist NGOs funded by taxpayers pick them up when they get there.

Ben Bergquam was interviewed by Steve Bannon, and it’s very alarming.

So not only is Joe Biden letting them in illegally across the river, he’s also inviting them in across the bridge every single day,” Ben Bergquam said. “The CBP one app, which is a total sham, basically all it is is saying that you believe you have a right to come into the country, and you’re requesting a court date, and that’s all.

“They’re… letting you come in and giving you a court date that’s months, if not years into the future, at which point then, you can give your justification for being in the country, which is just insane,” Ben said during the interview with Steve Bannon that you can watch below.

Illegals cross the river non-stop.

[By the time they get before a judge if they ever do, they will have their anchor babies.]

“We’re letting you in the country to let you go to a court date that could be five years from now,” Ben said, “to then maybe tell you you can’t be in the country. It’s just, it’s totally insane. The amount of money we’re spending on this…It’s not only screwing up America. it’s screwing up Mexico too.”

As Steve Bannon says in the clip above, the Inspector General said they don’t have any idea where these people go.

Steve Bannon said, “We don’t need Speaker Johnson” down in Eagle Pass for a photo-op. “Everybody knows what’s going on. This is systematic; this is well thought through. The Biden regime has planned and executed an invasion of our country with military-age males.”

Ben Bergquam showed a clip of Joe’s border wall, which is just a little bit of razor wire. “This is what Joe Biden thinks about the security of Americans.”

They’re destroying our country, and they’re using our tax dollars to do it, and they’re not just using ours, they’re using Mexico as well…

“We asked ten taxi drivers [to] drive us to Progresso, which is about 30 miles on the Mexico side of the border. They laughed at us; they said, ‘No way – if we try to leave the city, they’ll kill us. The cartel owns that area.’”

“So that’s what we’re doing. Joe Biden’s taking our tax dollars and enriching the cartels and every single one of these people; you even heard the story from the guy from Haiti; these guys are getting robbed and raped along the way.

Video via Bill Melugin on X

“It’s terrible for everybody and the fact that we don’t have Republicans in the House that have the balls to stand up and say ‘no more, no more, no more.’ That’s the answer, not a little bit more, not 10% more, no more. Shut it down.”

Bannon said, “Because look, the Republicans, and this is by this bill they’ve agreed to on this temporary basis, it all has all of Nancy Pelosi’s, all the woken weaponizers in there,” Ben said.

“You’re paying the money to the Catholic Charities, you’re paying the money to the NGOs. All the stuff you see with the NGOs and Panama, the changing of the bases, and everything is to exacerbate and accelerate” illegal immigration,” Bannon continued.

After saying we don’t need Johnson in Eagle Pass, we need him in DC. “Here’s the only thing that is acceptable to us – either shut down the border or shut down the government. The only thing Biden and the Senate will understand is Smash Mouth; now it’s time to play Smash Mouth. There is no excuse… we know this invasion is going on, and then thousands are coming into the country. That’s a combat division; it’s 10,000 men in a combat division; a combat division or two is coming across the border.

“Just in the month of December, we’ve just put up the numbers; it’s the biggest in history in the month of December,” Bannon said.

“The only way to stop this is to choke down the money, Ben.”

Ben agreed, of course.

“No, No, and That’s the thing, Steve, we’re dead. This nation is dead if we don’t. People don’t realize this.” He said when you see these groups of Egyptian men…  It’s scary what is coming across; we are inviting that,

The Egyptian Men:

Ben continued, “As you mentioned, we’re inviting other armies of other nations into our country with our tax dollars.

“We can’t take any more of this. If the Republicans don’t have the courage to stand up on this, they don’t deserve to be in there. It’s not a compromise situation; this is a life-or-death situation for our nation. That’s it; there is no other option, no compromise either … shut it down.”

Ben Bergquam’s interview with Steve Bannon:

These men are the frontline of the Antifa and BLM riots that will take place to keep Donald Trump out of office.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

Ben was great on War Room this morning. I am an occasional viewer of that show.

Good sources have been covering the invasion the entire time.

Junk sources ignored it for 3 years and now attempt to preach to us about it, such as VDH and Levin.

This is a the test for Speaker Johnson. This is prime time for him. He cannot produce a CR, he must have spending controls, and he must get action on the border, or the GOP loses the house, and he loses credibility. Partially shut down the government. (The use of the term government shutdown is the language of the left. It is not reality. RINOs use that term because they are on the left.)

Last edited 1 month ago by The Prisoner
1 month ago

One Word. TREASON.