The Beginning of the End of Citizenship and Sovereignty


In every way imaginable, the Biden-Obama Regime has obliterated what it means to be a citizen. They have ended U.S. sovereignty, and it is probably too late to do anything about it. Anyone can get into the country and stay. They will eventually receive all of our benefits, and it will crash our systems, with Medicare, Social Security, and healthcare high on the list.


Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s latest annual report, released Friday, confirmed that illegal immigrants will soon be provided with a Photo ID card to give them access to government services and benefits as part of a pilot program.

The ICE Secure Docket Card (SDC) project … offers a uniform, durable card provided to noncitizens upon release, and facilitates reliable access to commonly lost or damaged immigration-related paperwork,” the report details.

The report explains that the card will “allow noncitizens access to commonly used documents and services.”

CNN reported that the card can be used as a form of identification and, according to an unnamed Department of Homeland Security official, “could also be utilized at airports for travel in the future.”

“The secure card will contain a photo, biographic identifiers, and cutting-edge security features to the mutual benefit of the government and noncitizens,” the statement said. “Specifics of the program are still under development, but a primary goal of the SDC is to improve current, inconsistent paper forms that often degrade rapidly in real-world use.”

What we are doing is giving secure IDs to anonymous people we know nothing about as if they were better than citizens.

ICE will give us details at some other time and is considering expanding it. They will it will save money. For whom? The illegals?

A House Appropriations Committee report last year noted that the SDC program would receive $10 million in funding as part of the 2023 DHS appropriations bill.

John Fabbricatore, a former ICE official and advisory board member at the National Immigration Center for Enforcement, said they are normalizing illegal immigration.

“It’s a normalization of illegal immigration,” Fabbricatore told Breitbart, adding that “the ultimate goal of the Biden administration is to limit illegal aliens’ face-to-face contact with DHS as much as possible.”

According to Customs and Border Protection data, there were 3.2 million border encounters in fiscal year 2023, including nearly 2.5 million at the southern border, the highest yearly total in U.S. history.

The surge is growing. Why not? The deal keeps getting better.

When Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas met with the Mexican president, they discussed regularizing the open border. This is the creation of the North American Union that George Soros had outlined several years ago. Only it’s worse. Mexico and Canada still maintain border security, and the US is open to the world. Anyone can come in.

We don’t even vet these people. We have cartels, terrorists, deadbeats, warlords, hardened criminals, and sex perverts crossing our borders who will all get Photo IDs, and we don’t even know their names in many cases. The US is also engaging in sex and labor trafficking, particularly of children. We are also, as a nation, encouraging drug trafficking.

Biden’s Regime didn’t mean he’d bring “decency” back. He meant indecency. This is the beginning of the end of sovereignty and citizenship.

In California, the illegal aliens will get free healthcare that our own people, including veterans, aren’t getting.

It’s a day late, and a dollar short.

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John Acord
John Acord
1 month ago

Nothing will stop the Obiden Junta from encouraging the invasion of or nation except the election of Trump. In which event this ID program might assist in apprehending them and deporting them in an orderly fashion. Presently, it is estimated there are 50 million illegals in the US. Divide this by 700,000 and you have more than 71 seats that can be attributed to illegals. If only US citizens were counted for the apportionment of House seats there may be a shift of as much as 90 seats. I suspect that this would put the real representatives of the American people firmly in control of our nation. Illegal immigration is a national emergency. We have been invaded. Trump must declare martial law, suspend habeas corpus, imprison those who obstruct his deportation program, He must also deputize at least a million of his supporters to assist in the round up and deportation of nearly 50 million illegals and their children. It will be a massive effort.Our entire nation is being impoverished by these hordes of illegal immigrants. The politics are destructive, but the economics are devastating.The total cost of the illegal immigrant tsunami invasion is ALWAYS misunderstood and vastly underestimated. The cost is ongoing and it has taken an immense toll on our economy. There are an estimated 40 millions of illegal immigrants and their children in this country today. Each one of them has a direct and indirect cost that total about $100,000 each per year including an estimated $35,000 per child for educational expenses and the huge cost of lower wages for native, legal American citizens. It is estimated that without these illegals the average wage would be 12% higher and that loss is an indirect, but measurable consequence of illegal immigration. Add it up. iThe cost is 4 TRILLION a year to the American economy. It is a cost that would not only wipe out the deficit but increase tax collections by an estimated $500B per year. Our entire infrastructure, physical and social, is deteriorating, collapsing because of this influx of basically useless, uninvited parasitic mouths that eat at our table.