US Wants to Build a Super Nuke But What If Terrorists Are Here


The US has a lot of weapons, and we can cause death and destruction worldwide, as can other nuclear nations. Allegedly, the bombs are only for deterrence. The Pentagon announced that the US has a new nuclear bomb they want to build that can cause 24 times more damage than one dropped on Japan.

The Pentagon is seeking congressional approval and funding to pursue a modern variant of the B61 nuclear gravity bomb, which will be designated the B61-13, according to a DoD press release.

And, as an aside, the person in charge of the nuclear codes is Joe Biden, who can’t find his way off or on a stage.

I’d prefer they pursued peace with Russia and closed the borders.

We know that Hamas has a network in the United States. We also know that Hezbollah has operations here in the United States. We’ve let a lot of people into this country who hate us because we don’t vet, and we don’t seem to care that they hate us.

Customs and Border Patrol stopped 172 terrorists on the border so far this year, and how many haven’t they caught? We know there are over 1,000,000 people who sneaked in, and they must be the really bad people. It took only 19 on 9/11, and they flew in legally. We are also getting very bad people who are in cartels or just deadbeats.

What if terrorists are spreading throughout the US? Over five million healthy young men came in alone, mostly from terror countries or China and Russia.

What if they attack civilians, behead our babies, cut out our hearts while we’re alive, burn us alive with our children? They did it to Israelis.

What good is the mother of all nuclear weapons if they are throughout our neighborhoods? The current leaders of our country and so many other nations are stupid, inept, and cowardly.

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