USFDC gives a terrifying update on the border


The USFDC provided an update on conditions at the border and it is terrible news. The Biden administration — Democrats — have invited this into our country.

USFDC Border Report

July 15, 2021

I. Texas

(a) RGV

  1. Fences are down. Fires are deliberately set on ranches. Resources both local and state are being exhausted. Local drain is due to handle cost – fires, medical attention, break-ins, ESL teaching in schools have combined to cause hospitals to close in Brooks County, West Texas (Kingsville, Alice Texas). Hunters report to local enforcement seeing armed IA’s passing deer blinds and have been photographed on tree stand cameras.
  2. Brooks county – 56 bodies in Brooks County since May. One was recovered today (July 19). 20% tested positive for Covid. 172 bodies have been identified in a 10-county area along the interior RGV. Projection is for 300 for this year. Coyotes / Spotters active all around hwy 83 running along the Rio Grande River. They are breaking into homes on the return after bringing people across. Vehicles stolen along hwy 285 used to bring down fences in order to open the corridors.
  3. Night vision and drones are being used by cartels – coyotes utilize such enhanced technology to cross into the US. Drones have flown within bird shot of CBP. US Residents report vehicles stolen which become used by Cartel coyotes in enhanced bailout tactics. Either to pack with narcotics or people and avoid hard top roads and ram / clear ranch fencing. The method is used 24/7 all across the RGV.
  4. Wild Fires deliberately set (Prior to lots of rain) – Fires set deliberately at night, to draw away local law enforcement. Local enforcement and Texas DPS are drained from long hours to aid CBP. Trying to deploy to help areas such as Brooks County but have to react to stop fires elsewhere. Especially in and around- Jim Wells, Brooks, Kenedy, and Jim Hogg Counties. Falfurrias Fire Department has received numerous calls related to illegal immigration.
  5. Ranch cameras have caught pictures of armed coyotes with AK 47’s. IA’s crossing feel embolden and willing to fight. The groups of aliens caught are in many cases working in the same fashion as the set fires – to keep enforcement away from more lucrative narcotic movements into the US. Plus, it gives easy movement of more dangerous criminal aliens and / or SIA’s (Special Interest Aliens). They are coming to your neighborhoods.
  6. Cartel Violence – Reynosa Mexico – Gulf v/s Zetas has increased dramatically – street fighting – 19 killed recently. In Texas, coyotes are robbing people on our side before recrossing the border. Deliberately dumping raffs, smuggling in broad daylight because border agents are overwhelmed. This past week a Gulf Cartel leader was captured in Mexico but has already escaped.
  7. SIA’s / OTM’s (RGV) – 2 weeks ago 48 different countries – Chinese, Cuban. However, more recently, on one day in the RGV, IA’s from 54 different nations were caught. Near hwy 281 – Chinese were caught on camera (at night) with suspicious navigation equipment caught on ranch cameras. The individuals were never caught. It’s $70,000 for Chinese nationals to cross into the US, but even more for the tech guys.
  8. Narcotic Movement – Trucks loaded with cocaine, fentanyl, are regularly used in well-coordinated methods using surveillance. Drug mule operations (backpacked teams) coming into Texas more now than ever. Well-coordinated drug mule groups fan out to different points for pick up (GPS Navigation). Cocaine, Meth, Fentanyl – CBP is overwhelmed and has lost control of drug mules and cartels know it. In many instances US enforcement may catch some in a drug mule operation and then have to remain for hours to find transport to a station just a few miles away. Expect large increases in US drug overdoses this year.
  9. Gap in walls cause groups to pour through and hide in businesses, garages and other observed empty buildings. Groups at night have inundated residential areas. Residents along the Rio Grande River are daily having IA’s trying to get into their personal vehicles. While the resident is driving.
  10. The large groups of IA’s – Well organized. Some are grouped by color wrist bands. UNESCO – The Paris based office of education for the UN has over 9000 employees helping a worldwide attempt to overwhelm the United States. So-called church organizations steeped in socialist propaganda especially Roman Catholic & Lutheran are aiding illegal transnational organizations. They use propaganda slogans such as “No More Deaths” as banners. Reports circulate they are aided by the Sierra Club. Inside the US the organizations are helping and coordinating IA’s to evade US sovereignty. Cell Phones are coordinated by groups in South / Central America and then across the US. On a cell phone from a dead alien was a call from a English speaking woman trying to determine where their group was. The call was from a church in the US. US enforcement is not allowed to keep or confiscate cell phone devices.
  11. Airline Vouchers – Vouchers are given for IA’s to fly by the thousands and IA’s are observed going to ATM’s and getting cash. Hotels are paid by US Gov’t to house IA’s as they are being moved at tax payer expense to destinations across America. Not enough buses or people with CDL’s to get people caught out of the border areas. Kids are placed on regular airlines. Common IA coordinated tactic – Child when asked age is 7 years old or older. Tells agents name and place of parent and tax payer dollars are used to unite the alleged alien family. Tax payers are paying the final leg of the journey whether by bus or plane.
  12. Title 42 – Title 42 put people back into Mexico. If it goes away – a complete flood of people will occur. Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, China etc.
  13. Disease – 2 strains of Human TB have made it into Texas cattle. 13,000 head of Dairy cattle had to be tested in the panhandle. 68 had to be pulled (organic herd). US Gov’t will only pay fair market for the destroyed cattle. Human resources are not sufficient to test all cattle. But health department will not give info on the people found with TB. 12 out of 100 workers tested in this case had both (Iberian and Honduran TB strains). Several kids have come down with TB from schools. Parasitic disease that effects the brain 112 cases in Houston all were IA’s and that disease had been gone from the US since the 1950’s. Laredo TX – Person in Hospital with an unknown disease caused over $1 million in medical cost. This and countless other medical related cost have to be covered at the local level. A whole host of diseases are observed in aliens to include Covid. Little testing occurs due to sheer numbers.


II. Texas Numbers

  1. 180,000 caught this June. Last June the number was less than 30,000. The CBP Cameras have documented over 140,000 getaways in the past year. One ranch near the RGV has documented 100,000 crossers. Conservative estimate of over 2 million entering the US illegally since the 2020 election. Many suspect that number is grossly underestimated.
  2. Daily – Texas border enforcement recover 1200 to 1500 illegal aliens in the RGV (McClellan) – Dead bodies are being found weekly in the Rio Grande River and adjacent canals. 6 to 7 recovered in the past 2 weeks. Bodies badly decomposed are being found over 120 miles from the border. Texas ranchers suspect some are from snakebite. In some instances, mountain lions are photographed following IA groups. Scattered bones they suspect were the result of mountain attack or eating a deceased alien.
  3. Del Rio Sector / Val Verde County – CBP arrest up over 500% – this year 157,000 approx 1100 per day; Single adult arrest up 500%; Family unit arrest up 400%; unaccompanied children arrest up 300%; Stash house arrest up 770%; this past month 327 human smuggling cases / 737 human smuggling cases prosecuted this year; The sector has apprehended IA’s from 83 different nations; Sex offender arrest up 1,466 %; assaults on agents up 150%; getaways up over 317% – over 51,000 (that’s the ones that were seen); cartels estimated to be making $25 million per week just on human smuggling in Del Rio.
  4. Getaways – Reportedly do not want to be caught usually due to previous criminal backgrounds and being SIA’s (aliens from nations hostile to the US). They move quick to gain access to interstate hwys and larger interior cities.
  5. Weapons – Weapons crossing into the US are bring reported across the gambit of border counties. 147 weapons in Del Rio; camera images across the RGV; execution of NM state policeman and other US agents having to exchange gunfire.
  6. Rio Grande rescues – Occur weekly from the lower RGV up past Val Verde County. US first responders rescued 1,601 people but some 65 died from drowning / exposure.
  7. West Texas / the Big Bend area are seeing groups of 40 to 60 at a time. Ranch fences are being cut even in these areas. This activity surpasses numbers from any other time.


III. New Mexico

  1. Wide open. Much of the border is nothing but a single barbed wire. The state is controlled by an open border democrat party. Residents are asking for help along the border especially in parts of the boot heel region.
  2. As reported several months ago several New Mexico State Police officers were shot and one executed by a cartel operative along interstate 10. High speed chases mostly involving CBP are occurring. Vehicles have been stolen and used in a similar fashion as Texas. Fences have been cut and vehicles abandoned. Numerous locations have been documented where illegal cross border traffic dispose of carpet shoes, camo clothing, back packs, blankets etc. Using GPS / Cell Phones the groups rendezvous to designated points. They discard old items, clean up and change into new clothing. The result, litter everywhere.
  3. The Coyotes (guiding drug mules / human smugglers) – Wear camouflage clothing and are armed. They discard camo clothing at points in the US and change into regular street clothing as they return. Deming, NM has a small population and Luna County even less. Making the areas wide open.
  4. Deming -With few resources has had buses drop off IA’s – A few months ago – filled up a NG Armory and an old Air Force Hanger to house aliens. Then, they are bused to unknown destinations.


IV. Arizona

  1. Similar to Texas – Counties are trying to maintain US Sovereignty. As a result, face relentless pressure from transnational cartel / drug trafficking organizations. Little aid from the federal government.
  2. Tucson Sector – Rancher’s report increase movement in broad daylight. 50 per day on the Ladd Ranch. Cochise Sheriff’s Office SABRE team had 3300 camera images in May (40-mile area). Coyotes using constant surveillance. Weekends tends to me more Guatemalans / Hondurans and during the week more Mexicans.
  3. Increase in guns crossing the border and car chases. Similar to New Mexico they are increasingly in camo. Cartels are constantly sending in support to oversee cartel drug / human smuggling operations.
  4. Cochise County – Resident’s report fires deliberately set by IA’s destroyed gov’t grazing lands. Placing increased pressure on ranchers. Fires set from September 2020 through June 2021 have combined with a relentless drought to cause ranchers to sale cattle they would normally sale in the winter. Fires have consumed 30% of the range.
  5. Tucson / Phoenix are sanctuary cities – City Government is getting paid to bring in and house the IA’s.
  6. Cartel coordination – Similar to Texas, they track IA’s as indentured servants ($6000 per person). Biden administration helping with the hotels across the Southwest. Providing living quarters. Cartels give (South American IA’s) 3 chances to cross at the cost of $6000 each. If they are somehow caught three times. Then fourth time then they have to pay another $6000.
  7. People caught are being obnoxious and if caught are telling enforcement that it “doesn’t matter if we’re caught. Your President wants us here.” The coordination of illegal human / drug trafficking is sufficient enough that those IA’s that manage to be caught had somehow separated from main groups. Unlike past years they are not going onto ranches for water. People crossing are now equipped with cell phones which work as a GPS to track. If they don’t respond when the cartels call … retribution happens. This change reflects methodology used across South / Central America. However, once they (cartels) have you. Then, you are under them for the rest of your life. This organized change minimizes the need for coyote’s constant direction. Under the Biden Admin – none of the equipment is taken from captured IA’s.
  8. Covert Smuggling – Tucson sector leads in covert getaways 60,000 on camera in a month. 1100 per day. In perspective (since May 2021), the entire border with camera verified getaways is currently 200,000. 18,000 getaways just from the Cochise Sheriff Offices Cameras. If Sheriff Deputy catches someone – they end up having to release unless a state violation has occurred. Ones that are caught – have been armed and on drugs (drug mule drivers).  Sinaloa is making millions per week.
  9. Tucson Sector CBP has been diverted away – 300 agents have been sent elsewhere into processing duties or other areas. Wilcox CBP station is empty. Wilcox agents were diverted into areas around Reservations. That leaves the Chiricahua Mountain Range wide open – all the way to I-10. No idea who the getaways are.
  10. As of July 15, to current – All border patrol checkpoints across Cochise County are empty of CBP. They have been diverted elsewhere. Leaving 87 miles open from active CBP enforcement to I-10.


V. Conclusion

For the first time in recent history – no county along the border is idle. The sophistication used to exploit the US Mexican Border is a transnational operation. The aggregate numbers of illegal aliens entering the United States is difficult if not impossible to determine. The danger to the citizens of the United States has increased dramatically. Aliens with many criminal offenses have crossed and even recrossed into the US. The cities and neighborhoods these criminal aliens are heading to is unknown.  Due to increase sophistication sanctuary cities are immediately utilized but the sheer numbers would indicate IA’s in other cities and rural areas. Border residents point out that they are overwhelmed, need help, and that the activity they witness is coming to neighborhoods, cities, and communities in every sector of the nation.

Unknown numbers of illegal aliens from nations hostile to the US are entering for reasons unknown. Dangers carefully laid out in the 911 Commission Report dealing with National Security are being ignored. To fund and operate the lucrative transnational drug / human trafficking operations, local enforcement should assume stash houses for drugs and human trafficking are being actively used. Human smuggling into America is occurring at unsustainable levels. Money laundering & human trafficking using compromised businesses, construction / landscaping sites, restaurants, convenience stores have to be widespread. Cartels by conservative estimates are making nearly $200 million per week just in human smuggling operations.

Also, expect trafficking operations being organized under the disguise of a church. What happens on the border, you must expect, into the interior. The spread of communicable diseases once removed from the US will continue to increase. Covid strains will continue to spread as illegal cross border activity continues.  The threat to national security and community safety is immense.


Prepared for USFDC

Stay safe America!


According to the UFSDC website, the organization is a working combination of law enforcement, military veterans, border residents, and patriotic-minded citizens, across the United States. Since 2010, I’ve completed extensive research, pertaining to national security, and the movement of transnational drug cartels, into the United States and Canada. In the process, it became painfully apparent that our southern border is a national crisis. As a result, the USFDC will provide monthly updates covering numerous issues, all complicated, by illegal cross border traffic. Plus, we will offer viable solutions, and directives, to restore our national borders, and related ports of entry. Thank you for viewing our site, and please forward to others equally concerned about our national security.

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