UT football players make social justice demands or else


The University of Texas football players are demanding social justice changes of the administration or they won’t go to any recruitment activities or donor events. This is on top of the NFL okaying kneeling during the singing of the Anthem.

Football is starting to look like a despicable sport.

The demands have been placed on Twitter by at least two University of Texas football players, and reportedly they are submitted on behalf of the entire team.

Administrations have to start hitting back, but they all seem to be quite cowardly.

The players want support for racial justice issues on campus, education for incoming freshmen about the history of racism on campus, and for a portion of the proceeds of the athletics department to be donated to “black organizations and BLM movements.” The document also demands that the university name “some part of the stadium after Julius Whittier (the first black football player at UT.”

They also want the names of segregationists removed from buildings and a statue taken down.

The document also demands that the university “Get rid of ‘The Eyes of Texas’ and have a new song written for us to sing. Do not require athletes to sing the song.”

The leftists are still purging our culture, destroying all that we are and all that we have been.


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