UVA student tells whitey to get out of the multicultural student center


Nothing has changed or will change in our nation’s colleges and universities until the administrators do something about it. Hate and destruction against political opponents are allowed, as is racism.


A bigotted student at UVA, a bona fide snowflake racist, told the white people to leave the ‘MSC’ since there are too many of them. She’s uncomfortable with so many white people.

Perhaps she should find a safe space. There was some applause for her racist statement.

Ironically, she was trying to kick them out of the Multicultural Student Center.

The university response was disgusting.

College Fix reported: The university released possibly the most ineffectual, evasive statement possible in response to the controversy. The statement itself didn’t even mention, even indirectly, the racist rant one of its students had delivered in a university-owned space; rather, the school merely noted that student centers “are open to all members of the community.” A university tweet accompanying that statement noted, obliquely, that “some questions have been raised regarding the scope or inclusivity of these centers.”


At UC Santa Cruz, we have loons destroying the private property of College Republicans.

College Republicans tabling at the University of California, Santa Cruz were accosted by passersby who ripped their signs, spit on their Betsy Ross flag, tussled with them physically, and yelled obscenities, according to a video of the incident obtained by The College Fix.

The president of the UC Santa Cruz College Republicans, Dylan Temple, was also doxxed on social media with a false accusation that he attacked peers at the campus LGBTQ center.

People are being forced to confirm their age for this clip:


What happened to the executive action forbidding this type of thing?

A University of Wisconsin-River Falls student was told she must pay a fee or register as a student club in order to recruit fellow students to join a conservative club on campus, according to a letter sent to campus officials by the Alliance Defending Freedom on Tuesday.

According to the ADF, freshman Sofie Salmon rolled a beach ball around campus one day last September, asking other students to write messages on it. Salmon used the “free speech ball” to recruit students to form a chapter of the conservative group Turning Point USA at UW-River Falls.

“Even though Salmon did not block any sidewalks, hinder instruction, or disrupt the campus educational environment, a school administrator told Salmon she must reserve a space for her expression, limit her speech to a public sidewalk on the edge of campus, or risk an encounter with campus police,” wrote the ADF in a statement.

“The only permit that students should need to speak on campus is the First Amendment,” ADF attorney Caleb Dalton told The College Fix via phone. “The university here appears to think that they can tell students when and where they can speak…and that’s not constitutional.”




  1. Some comrades are a little more equal than others. Some comrades want equal rights plus.
    Will the poor downtrodden terribly oppressed persons of politically preferred pigmentation (h/t/-Dave Blount) be ok with equal rights plus for homosexuals and foreigners?

  2. UVA should give their racist student a “free” membership to a fitness gym. Exercise reduces stress hormones; will boost the size of the hippocampus, the brain area involved in learning; and she could lose a few pounds.

    Universities should cater to their leftist students every whim and never reprimand them. After all, that’s what higher education is all about.

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