Vancouver Radio Host Loses His Job After Sticking Up for Truckers


A Vancouver radio host named Kid Carson lost his job yesterday after coming out in a big way for the truckers. On Spotify, he said some people called him a “hero,” but insisted no one should think of him as a hero for telling the truth. On the 9th, he had complained on Spotify about fake news and censorship.

“If you think the trucker convoy in Ottawa is a racist movement, you’ve been tricked. You’ve been fooled,” Kid Carson said.

“I host a radio show. I’m expected to talk about all sorts of things,” he said Wednesday morning. “But it seems like I’m expected not to talk about all the things that matter. And it’s especially hard with the thing that’s happening in Ottawa.”

“This radio show sucks without another point of view. The whole media landscape sucks without another point of view,” he added. He went on to say, “There’s a lot of manipulation taking place.”

“We need to realize it takes real eyes to recognize real lies,” he said. “This isn’t about race or health or Nazi flags or masks.”

“It’s about trying to keep our children off a digital ID that will control every aspect of their lives, that can be switched off at any time,” he continued.

Z95.3 wasn’t happy and bid him farewell despite people lauding his statements.

“After today’s show, we reached a mutual decision to part ways. Kid has some very strong views on a number of polarizing topics. While we respect his right to have and express those views, they do not represent what z95.3 is all about,” Z95.3’s statement read.

He has a podcast and he’s on Instagram, growing his fanbase from what we hear.

The fake media reported it this way:

On Spotify, he said he’d never again believe a negative word about anyone he reads about online after he was victimized. He said the above comment came from a major newspaper. They made up a completely fake story about the digital ID comment. The author of the article thought Carson meant the IDs were manipulating children.

Other media outlets made up fake stories.

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