Vandals damage statues that hit at the soul of our nation


Vicious vandals in Chicago spray-painted a statue of George Washington last night. The messages in red paint read, “Slave Owner!”, “Burn the Whitehouse down” and “God bless AmeriKKKa.”

A white KKK hood and cloak were placed over Washington’s head. They’re sorely mistaken since the KKK were Democrats. You had to be a Democrat to be in the KKK.

“Graffiti covers the more than 100-year-old George Washington statue on the Southside. Messages in red spray paint read “Slave Owner” “Burn the Whitehouse down” & “God bless AmeriKKKa” CPD investigating. Some neighbors want the statue to go, others say it’s part of history.”

Of course, it’s part of history. The neighbors who want it to go are very ignorant, and there is no excuse for the crime of vandalism of a public monument that belongs to the entire community.

The slave owner rants are a cover for what is really going on. This is a communist purge of our history and our Founding. These lunatics even want to tear down Lincoln’s statues. Where are the real Americans to fight for our country?

There are no perfect heroes and we cannot judge men who lived hundreds of years ago by our values today. The Founding Father knew they could not end slavery and keep the nation they just formed. The British would have run right over us.


Vicious vandals defaced The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier Of The American Revolution in Philadelphia this week.

These people want to destroy what made America who we are, especially if they were white Europeans.

The tomb is made of soft limestone and it will take serious professionals to clean it up.

“The National Park Service is working to remove this graffiti on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the American Revolution (at Washington Square) safely. We appreciate the offers to help that we’ve received, and we ask your patience while professional conservators continue this delicate task. Thank you for your encouragement and support,” the Independence National Historical Park wrote on Facebook.


Democrat leaders running these blue cities will not make any effort to bring the criminal vandals to justice. Therefore, they will keep doing it.

What kind of people allow our history to be destroyed by wanton vandals?

If you keep voting for these anti-American politicians, it will only get worse. We won’t recognize the America that these dreary people envision.

What made America great is people believe in the values, the Constitution, and freedom. We must stop the totalitarians who seek to destroy  the soul of America.

Joe Biden keeps saying he wants to restore the soul of our nation, well, here it is and where is he?

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