Vanguard Defects from ESG Alliance for Clarity & Freedom in Investment


Vanguard is one of the world’s three largest Index Fund managers and one of the three ESG Net-Zero groups. The other two are Black Rock and State Street. They are defecting from ESG. They claim they want to maintain freedom and not limit investment options. This came after Consumers First exposed their potential anti-trust violations.

Bloomberg reports that after a “considerable” review, the firm said the “pledge to net-zero led to investor confusion.”

Vanguard Group Inc. is walking out of the world’s largest climate-finance alliance – Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero – marking the coalition’s biggest defection to date as US Republicans step up their threats against firms deemed hostile toward the fossil-fuel industry.

Kristen Snow Spalding, vice president of the Ceres Investor Network and a founding partner of the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative says the problem is political pressure.

GOP politicians plan to ratchet up their attacks on anti-oil or woke firms. They are planning congressional hearings, and several anti-ESG bills will soon be released.

Earlier this year, two pension firms and an investment consultant dropped out of GFANZ. That coincided with reports that JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., and Morgan Stanley were mulling defection after a requirement “to phase down and out unabated fossil fuels, including coal” was introduced by Race to Zero, the UN-backed entity that underpins GFANZ.

There are serious legal risks if a “bank or asset manager claims they intend to reach net zero by a given date and then realizes it won’t make that goal, they are in danger of FTC enforcement action. Significant investigative and litigation costs, fines, and negative publicity could follow.

The ESG investments aren’t paying well, and the ESG goal is to control investments according to extreme left-wing ideas.

Legal Insurrection writes:

ESG forces companies to make fuel and operational choices that might not be the best match for their operations. The documentation requires staff to describe in tedious detail how it is complying with a myriad of regulatory requirements and crunching a massive amount of data to prove it is doing (despite passing compliance inspections and audits from the interested agencies). ESG also forces companies to demonstrate that the company is checking off every progressive social-wish-list item, the choice of which should be at the company’s discretion based on its profits, the actual expenses, and the employees’ needs and priorities.

There are also significant anti-trust issues. Vanguard was allowed to buy shares in a public utility but promised to be passive investors. They have not been passive.

Consumers First:

Will Held, President of Consumers First, exposed Vanguard for pushing the ESG agenda onto American Utility companies. That’s when Vanguard decided to leave the net-zero alliance.

Former Rep. Jason Issac said, “The continued pressure from those that support affordable, reliable, and American energy and against ESG, NetZero and other dangerous and deadly policies is working.”

Texas, Louisiana, and Missouri have withdrawn all their investors’ funds from Black Rock for misusing funds to push an agenda.

J Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said “the effects of ESG-driven, elevated energy prices are leading to more CO2…All that’s happening around the world is that poorer and richer nations are turning back on their coal plants.”

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1 year ago

The Fossil Fuel Industry has far more power than the Globalist realize. Europeans are in the process of finding this out the hard way with Russia cutting Europe’s supply of fuel this winter.

The funny part is this is exactly what the World Economic Forum Cult wants, this will make people more dependent on Government. Well, where is Government going to get the energy to keep people warm in Europe?

Notice that Gasoline Cost are going down here in America. Guess what, people are driving less because they have to pay for increasing electrical bills and fuel oil cost to keep warm. When I go shopping, parking lots are far less crowded. I even noticed this in the high school parking lot. My daughter told me a lot of kids are car pooling now. Of course “environmentalist” think this is great, but it’s telling us people are hurting financially.

I don’t see the Great Reset. I see the Great Depression and it will far deeper and longer than in the 1930s. The only thing that will minimize the Great Depression will be going full in on Fossil Fuel Production. Healthy modern economies need a Health supply of energy. ESG in anti-energy!

1 year ago

This is good news more will convert. Finally Some accountability being enforced soon scares them.