Vatican Condemns Union of U.S. Conservative Catholics and Evangelicals as an “Alliance of Hate”


Wikileaks emails exposed a plot by team Clinton and George Soros to gut the Catholic Church. They likely didn’t need to work too hard at it because Pope Francis is a product of a left-wing Catholic Church. An explosive article appearing in La Civilta Cattolica today was approved by the Vatican and it demonizes conservative Catholics and their alliance with Evangelicals.

They say that so-called “hardline” conservative Catholics and Evangelicals are “not too far apart from jihadists”. They call the union “an alliance of hate”.

I am one of those conservative Catholics, though I don’t consider myself “hardline”. This leftist article is nasty, confusing, and simply shows their lack of understanding beyond their ideology.

The Catholic Church is moving hard left and ignoring the assault of secularism by the left.

Pope Francis must have approved this article. It’s written by his ghost writers and the publication’s articles are passed by the Pope. Perhaps he helped write it.

The Pope is remaking the church into a leftist bastion.

We apologize for the videos copied directly from the TV – time was of the essence! We figured you would forgive us.

Some conservative U.S. Catholics will not accept this new leftist Catholic Church.

Vatican says US conservative Catholics have… by mauriedee–

Charles Krauthammer explained that the Pope doesn’t understand this is a defensive fight against extreme secularism, not offensive like jihadism.

Chris Wallace added that the Pope is remaking the church in a much more liberal image. Actually, it’s not liberal, it’s leftist.

Chas. Krauthammer explains why the Pope is… by mauriedee–

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